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Tito Ortiz Arrested For DUI

Tito Ortiz Arrested For DUI

Ultimate Fighter Champion mega star Tito Ortiz was busted for a DUI (driving under the influence) yesterday morning.  To make matters worse,  he crashed his 2012 Porsche Panamera into a cement highway median….Ouch poor Tito, injured neck and expensive car repairs!

According to LA law enforcement, Jacob Christopher,  aka Tito Ortiz, was heading home around 4am after celebrating all night at the BCS Football party at the Playboy Mansion.  LA County Sheriffs located Tito and his two passengers on the shoulder of freeway 405 in his wrecked vehicle.  Tito was suspected of drunk driving and was subjected to the DUI field sobriety tests.  The 38-year-old also blew into the portable breathalyzer test which revealed a BAC level of .12.  California State’s legal drinking limit is .08, the same as Washington State’s.

Tito was arrested for DUI and hauled into a local police station.  Tito’s bail was set at $15,000.00 which he posted later that morning.

It doesn’t appear that anyone was seriously hurt during the accident, lucky for Tito.  Unlucky for Tito, ex-wife Jenna Jameson, has recently voiced she is going to use Tito’s recent DUI arrest as leverage to regain custody of their two boys, fearing for the boy’s safety.  Today she said, “A lot of people think he’s this fantastic guy … it’s just not true.”  Jameson is not the most reliable source, she has an extensive history of crazy-erratic behavior.

It is definitely in Tito’s best interest to hire a well qualified DUI defense attorney.  Not only will the DUI lawyer handle his DUI case but the lawyer will also be able to provide sound legal advice for dealing with his ex-wife if issues should arise.


Written by S.O

State Troopers Team Up To Crack Down On Speeding And DUI During The Holiday Weekend

State Troopers Team Up To Crack Down On Speeding And DUI During The Holiday Weekend

Washington State DUI News – Starting this evening at 6PM the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Washington State Patrol (WSP), and Oregon State Police (OSP) will be gearing up for the three state collaboration “I-5 Challenge” encouraging holiday drivers to follow driving laws while traveling along the I-5 corridor.  The goal of the “I-5 Challenge” is to educate drivers and to reduce and eliminate fatalities during the holiday season.  The three states announced the following challenge to west coast travelers:  Arrive Alive on I-5 this holiday weekend.

CHP, WSP, and OSP will be focused on stopping travelers that are speeding, driving recklessly, driving while distracted (on cell phones etc.), driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol, and failing to use safety belts or child safety seats.  The increased patrols will be located all along Interstate 5 from the southern city of San Diego California, through Oregon, and as far north as Bellingham, Washington.  The “I-5 Challenge” runs from November 27th through Thanksgiving weekend and will end on December 1st.

The state patrol has provided drivers four simple strategies to follow to make for safe holiday travel.

  1. Slow Down
  2. Pack Your Patience
  3. Drive Sober
  4. Buckle UP

If the Washington State Highway Patrol arrests you for reckless driving or DUI during the holidays, call David O Defense (206) 459-6392 immediately to speak directly with a highly qualified criminal defense attorney.


Written by S.O

DUI – We Deserve Better Than an Estimate

DUI – We Deserve Better Than an Estimate

Driving Under the Influence is considered a crime yet we allow our individual rights, liberty, reputation, and driving privileges to be adversely affected from a mere estimate of our blood alcohol concentration.  A breath test is simply an estimate of our blood alcohol concentration.  And at times, a breath test can create a false positive.  Meaning a breath test device can have a positive test for alcohol consumption even when an individual had not consumed any alcohol.

Blood tests are the most accurate measurement of blood alcohol concentration.  Officers throughout Washington state have been trained in obtaining blood samples on individuals investigated for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  In fact, the Implied Consent Warning Statute, RCW 46.20.308 (1) states:

Any person who operates a motor vehicle within this state is deemed to have given consent, subject to the provisions of RCW 46.61.506, to a test or tests of his or her breath or blood for the purpose of determining the alcohol concentration or presence of any drug in his or her breath or blood if arrested for any offense where, at the time of the arrest, the arresting officer has reasonable grounds to believe the person had been driving or was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug or was in violation of RCW 46.61.503. Neither consent nor this section precludes a police officer from obtaining a search warrant for a person’s breath or blood. 

This statute gives authority to any officer to obtain a blood sample whether an individual submits to a breath test or not.

DUI fatalities and accidents are horrible.  I do not wish for any person to be harmed by a drunken driver.  However, with that said, I’m not willing to accept people getting wrongfully convicted for driving under the influence based on an estimate.

There is an easy solution.  Don’t allow breath tests to be used and require blood samples in every DUI investigation.  The state has the means to obtain blood samples, therefore, this is not some outrageous notion with no realistic practical means.

We deserve better than an estimate of our blood alcohol concentration.  Especially when this estimate can create false positive readings from a laundry list of factors.  We deserve better and should demand for only accurate evidence to be used against us when being accused of DUI.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and would like us to evaluate your case don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for a free consultation.