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Increased DUI and BUI Patrols for the 4th of July Weekend

Increased DUI and BUI Patrols for the 4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July is just days away and since it falls on a Monday this year, many will have a three-day weekend, hurray!  Talk about a fun holiday; backyard BBQ’s, parades, community gatherings, and of course fireworks.  It’s a great way to remember that back on July 4th, 1776 the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence and declared the United States a new and free nation.

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However, with all this 4th of July summer fun, comes increased drinking and driving, so expect to see a greater presence of law enforcement officers watching the roadways and waterways for DUI’s and BUI’s (driving under the influence and boating under the influence), in efforts to keep all people safe.

Starting today, June 30th, city police and county sheriffs will increase their DUI patrol units.  The increase in law enforcement will continue through the holiday weekend and will start to taper off mid day Tuesday, July 5th.

And for those celebrating the 4th out on a boat in the Seattle waterways, be aware that the coast guard and Seattle police will be out in full force patrolling for possible BUI’s.  Remember that it is illegal to drink alcohol while operating a boat.

Here’s what you can do to prevent DUI’s and BUI’s this Independence Day weekend;
  • The simplest solution to avoid a DUI and BUI is to not drink any type of alcohol or partake in any type of drug use.
  • Designate a sober driver; someone who does not consume any alcohol or drugs through out the entire day.
  • If you are a designated driver or a sober driver, be a good defensive driver and be aware there could be an intoxicated driver on the road.
  • If you do decide to drink, don’t drive and take advantage of all the great public transportation options; taxi, buses, Uber, Rideshare, etc.
  • If you see a friend or family member under the influence that wants to drive, try to get their car keys and suggest an alternative way for them to get home safely.  See our blog, “How You can Prevent a DUI – Tips on getting the Car Keys” for helpful hits.


Happy 4th of July from David O Defense!  Stay safe this Independence Day and make smart decisions.


Expect Increased DUI Patrolling during the 4th of July Weekend!

Expect Increased DUI Patrolling during the 4th of July Weekend!

The 4th of July is upon us, which is all fun and fireworks!  However, one should proceed with caution because it is also a holiday when law enforcement agencies tend to ramp up their number of patrol units in efforts to deter DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or BUI (Boating Under the Influence).

buzzed driving and the 4th of July don't mixYou should expect to see police patrolling major Independence Day hot spots, such as the Seafair Summer Fourth at Gas Works Park in Seattle and also around downtown Bellevue where the masses will be gathering for the Bellevue Family Fourth.

Freeways and highways will have increased troopers, the Washington State Patrol strategically places troopers along the I5 corridor during the entire 4th of July weekend.

Additionally, the Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies may be seen in greater numbers out on the waterways during the 4th, checking boats for anyone operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs.  Remember, it’s not only the captain of a boat that is at risk for BUI, but it is anyone who is operating the boat that is under the influence of a substance that is at risk for a BUI charge.

The NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, recently released their campaign of “Buzzed driving and July 4th don’t mix” which actually is good advice for all 4th of Julyers, due to the fact that more often than not law enforcement officers will arrest an individual for DUI or BUI even if their BAC level is below Washington State’s legal drinking limit of 0.08.

Be safe while having fun, Happy 4th of July from the staff and DUI defense attorneys at David O Defense!


Written by Sarah Ann


State Troopers Team Up To Crack Down On Speeding And DUI During The Holiday Weekend

State Troopers Team Up To Crack Down On Speeding And DUI During The Holiday Weekend

Washington State DUI News – Starting this evening at 6PM the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Washington State Patrol (WSP), and Oregon State Police (OSP) will be gearing up for the three state collaboration “I-5 Challenge” encouraging holiday drivers to follow driving laws while traveling along the I-5 corridor.  The goal of the “I-5 Challenge” is to educate drivers and to reduce and eliminate fatalities during the holiday season.  The three states announced the following challenge to west coast travelers:  Arrive Alive on I-5 this holiday weekend.

CHP, WSP, and OSP will be focused on stopping travelers that are speeding, driving recklessly, driving while distracted (on cell phones etc.), driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol, and failing to use safety belts or child safety seats.  The increased patrols will be located all along Interstate 5 from the southern city of San Diego California, through Oregon, and as far north as Bellingham, Washington.  The “I-5 Challenge” runs from November 27th through Thanksgiving weekend and will end on December 1st.

The state patrol has provided drivers four simple strategies to follow to make for safe holiday travel.

  1. Slow Down
  2. Pack Your Patience
  3. Drive Sober
  4. Buckle UP

If the Washington State Highway Patrol arrests you for reckless driving or DUI during the holidays, call David O Defense (206) 459-6392 immediately to speak directly with a highly qualified criminal defense attorney.


Written by S.O