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With two decades of legal defense experience, our DUI attorneys and criminal lawyers at David O Defense are ranked among the industries best. Continually improving the standards for excellent criminal defense and most importantly improving the standards for excellent client care.

Here at David O Defense we are dedicated to the practice to criminal law, it’s what we know and do best! Some other law firms spread themselves too thin by practicing an array of law in addition to criminal defense which often times leads to legal deficiencies. By focusing our practice on criminal law, our team of lawyers have gained extensive experience during all phases of the criminal justice process. We have built excellent reputation with prosecutor’s offices and judges throughout the city of Seattle, surrounding areas, Western Washington, and Central Washington.

Each and every client and case is important to us. Whether defending a client against a misdemeanor DUI (driving under the influence) charge or fighting for a defendant’s freedom from an alleged felony crime, our lawyers take their job seriously and work together as a team to create dynamic defense strategies that win cases.

Our team is not intimidated to take a case to trial if necessary. Rather, they feel empowered to have the opportunity to present a case in its entirety to judge and jury. No one works harder to win, than the DUI attorneys and criminal defense lawyers at David O Defense. We have established a proven track record for getting legal charges reduced or dismissed!

Our attorneys are passionate and confident in defending matters of:


Free Legal Consultations

The criminal defense and DUI attorneys at David O Defense offer FREE, no obligation, private legal consultations. Generally the consultations at our downtown Seattle office during business hours, but if you need to meet elsewhere and/or during non work hours, no worries, our defense lawyers are flexible and are happy to accommodate your needs! It is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney soon after you have been charged with a crime. Certain defenses must be raised promptly or you may lose your right to assert those defenses. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working to preserve your rights! Call 206-459-6392 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation, or email David at:

Flat Rate Legal Fees

During your free legal consultation our attorneys will be able to determine the cost of handling your case. Our legal fees are reasonable and they are a flat rate.  We do not charge by the hour and there are never hidden costs added on. Our attorneys are upfront about legal costs! Additionally, we understand that people don’t save for legal fees, that’s why we offer flexible payment plans that can be tailored to fit within your budget.


We are Easy to Contact

Reach out to us anytime by phone, text, or email.  Our attorneys and staff want to be available for clients. And when we say anytime, we mean anytime… nights, weekends, whenever.  No question or concern is too big or too small for us, contact us, we will be happy to help!  If we don’t answer your call, just leave a message, we will reply promptly.

Serving the City of Seattle, Surrounding Areas, Western and Central Washington

We understand that DUI and criminal charges are very serious, that’s why we go the extra mile for each and every client and case. David O Defense accepts cases in Seattle, the surrounding areas of Seattle, throughout Western Washington, and throughout Central Washington.

Come meet us at our Seattle location for a free, no obligation, private legal consultation.  We are located in the Westlake area, 1700 Westlake Ave N, Set 200, Seattle, WA  98109, just north of the Westlake drive thru Starbucks.  Plenty of easy parking is available.


Meet our Top Rated DUI and Criminal Defense Team

The criminal defense and DUI attorneys at David O Defense are industry leaders. Their experience, courtroom skills, and reputation are well-respected. Above all else, the attorneys and support staff are focused on client care. Our clients always come first!

We invite you to meet our premier DUI and criminal defense team:



Sarah Ann, Office Manager & Billing

Sarah Ann, Office Manager & Billing



“Going through a legal situation is one of the most stressful times of your life, so let our legal team at David O Defense take that weight off your shoulders!” – Senior Defense Attorney, David O

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