Our Mission Statement – Fighting For Rights, Providing Peace Of Mind, & Serving The Community


Fighting For Rights

Here at David O Defense we are about fighting for our clients.  We work together as a defense team to create turbulent strategies that win cases.

Whether defending a client against a misdemeanor DUI (driving under the influence) charge or fighting for a defendant’s freedom from a felony sex crime allegation our lawyers take their job seriously and are committed to defend each and every client to the fullest.

We work hard for our clients, preparing for battle by delving into; police reports, witness statements, photographs, records, audio and videotape, anything and everything related to the case. Through detailed examination of the evidence our legal team will create effective legal strategies at each stage of case; pretrial motions, suppression of evidence, negotiations, jury selection, case presentation, cross-examination and closing arguments.

Our attorneys are not intimidated or afraid to take a case to trial.  Rather they feel empowered to have the opportunity to present their client’s case in the courtroom in front of the judge and jury. Our goal is to win in trial and we put forth the work to accomplish that goal for our clients!

Providing Peace Of Mind

The attorneys at David O Defense do their best to provide their client with peace of mind during the legal process.  We understand that each client and case is unique and that facing a criminal charge is often an unfamiliar emotional experience, therefore, we make ourselves available for our clients to contact us anytime any day, 24/7.  With empathy and compassion we are always available for our clients to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

Our legal team keeps the client in the loop.  Clients can rest assured they will be continuously notified by our attorneys on their case status. Additionally, we work closely with our clients during all stages of their case to gather details pertinent to the defense and to ensure there is no missing relevent evidence.

Our legal defense team is highly rated.  We have achieved a 10.0 Suburb Top Attorney DUI rating by AVVO, also 2012 DUI Clients Choice by AVVO, and voted one of the best defense attorneys in Washington State by Washington Law and Politics

Serving The Community

Here at David O Defense we believe we have an opportunity and responsibility to serve the community beyond the scope of paid legal work. Each of us, defense attorneys included, give back to the community in our own unique way that we feel passireputable defense attorney teamonate about:  providing pro bono service, regular donations to local food banks, feeding the homeless, providing free hair cut and style services to veterans and families of low-income, participating in charitable walks/runs, and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. Since opening our doors in 2008, we have donated portions of every legal fee to a local charitable camp called Side-by-Side, which supports families with seriously ill children.

We believe that every small act we contribute beyond ourselves will have a positive impact on someone else.