David O Defense 5 Star Reviews and Ratings

“Attorney David O and his team worked tirelessly on my DUI case. Their professionalism and hard work were outstanding. The communication of David to me was impeccable for explaining options and information to a client(myself) going through this process for the first time. I highly recommend David and his team for great advice and representation. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. Keep up the great work.” Posted by Zac B., Client Review – 2021


“STOP SCROLLING AND CHOOSE THEM. I’ve had David defend me on TWO separate cases. One being a dui, and the other being 2 felony charges. In both cases David and his team were able to give me the best possible outcome. I couldn’t have asked for more. If you’re looking for a firm that answers calls/ text, genuinely cares, and gets sh*t done, look no further! These guys do their due diligence, and will figure a way to work the law in your favor. Thank you again David/Tim for all you’ve done for me. My future is no longer on pause thanks to you guys. My family and loved ones really appreciate you as well. Best regards, David L.” Posted by David L., Client Review – 2021


“There are really not enough words to describe what an outstanding advocate David was to my case! In February 2019, I was charged with a DUI, which is scary enough, but I had also just recently moved to Seattle, started a new position, and along with other factors, just made this all, that much more stressful to deal with. After the incident, my wife started looking through a list of lawyers, and after speaking with David, we knew we had to retain him. After every conversation I had with him, he just provided me with a sense of calmness and reassurance during a really unsure time. In the end, David was able to reduce my second DUI to reckless driving, which was the best outcome I could hope for. I know this may not be everybody’s situation, but I can guarantee you that David will work hard on your case and fill in all holes. My advice is, listen to him and do everything he says! He is very knowledgeable and knows what he’s talking about. Integrity and professionalism is hard to come by, and David mirrors that 110%. I highly recommend his services!” Posted by Jordan, Client Review – 2020


“Awesome, compassionate attorney!! I met with a handful of other attorneys and thoroughly read reviews, and I am so happy I decided to have David handle my case. Right from my first meeting with David, I was an emotional mess, but David’s caring personally made me feel calm and better right away. I was so stressed reading everything I found online and how it would affect my future, family, friends but David gave me a piece of mind and was there to answer my many, many questions (trust me, I had a lot). I went to court about 3-4 times but never had to talk or do much because David did everything behind the scenes for me. My case took about 7 months from incident to be resolved, but David had informed it would be a process and some cases even go longer. David was able to get my charge reduced to the lowest penalty (not dropped, but I knew from the beginning that was unlikely). I am so relieved the case is over and I’m also glad I feel comfortable enough to text David still to this day if I have any questions! Get yourself an awesome lawyer like David so you can stress less and sleep more, he will handle it all for you!!!!!” Posted by Yen, Client Review – 2020


“The Guy. Got a DUI, and was a nervous wreck. Obviously it showed, and David was able to be that soothing and knowledgeable expert that you expect out of an attorney representing you… and more. He made it so that I walked out of the consultation at ease, and was always available for any question or concern that I had after hiring him. I am extremely cautious, but with his support it felt like nothing could go wrong.”  Client Review – 2020


“David is awesome! I was over thinking everything, thought I was gonna loose my license, but David took care of everything, if anything ever goes wrong again David is the man too see. He is very helpful and his ability in the courtroom is outstanding. He respects his clients and is very easy to talk to. He will work hard on your case. Highly recommended!” Posted by Umid M., Client Review – 2020


“David O wow what an incredible attorney. When I got out of jail he was there for me, let me know what was going to happen and gave me great advice, made me feel like we were going to beat this thing together. My criminal charges were dropped and lowered to negligent driving. By far the best outcome that could happen. Didn’t have to spend years in alcohol classes, didn’t have extra stuff tacked on wasting my time. All these things cost more money that we all don’t want to spend. If you get into trouble call David O, seriously he has your back and he’s a good dude!” Posted by Jack M., Client Review – 2020


“David is a prime example of a exceptional lawyer. I’ve conducted dozens of interviews with many attorneys and David stuck out the most. If you’re looking for someone with a exceptional track record, someone personable, and dependable you can trust I would highly recommend contacting David!” Posted by David L., Client Review – 2019


“This review is long overdue but very much deserved. Long story short: I found myself distressed – in a less than ideal situation. Scared, and unsure of how to go about everything, David was my backbone and sense of reassurance from the moment I met him. My fiance found him online and after reading all the great reviews, we decided to meet him in person.

I am SO happy I went with David. I was pulled over more than a year ago and this firm’s efforts led to a best case scenario for me. I can’t recommend them strongly enough. Reach out to David. Fair pricing and worth the money. You won’t regret it.” Posted by Geri J., Client Review – 2019


“Exceptional law firm. The best attorneys in Seattle! I had an opportunity to meet David O himself. Very professional and to the point. Worked with Tim for my case and Tim handled the case very thoroughly. Definitely recommend Tim as an attorney and David O Defense as your law firm. They will get things done.” Posted by Illya C., Client Review – 2019


“Outstanding Service. I got into trouble with a DUI arrest last year, and boy am I glad I found David! He is extremely professional and is dedicated to his craft. He was the only lawyer I met with who wasn’t staring at the clock during our free consultation, which went 30 minutes over because of all of the questions I had. He explained from the very beginning that my case would be difficult, and that he would work very hard to provide the very best representation as he could for a favorable result both with the DOL and the court system. This man works hard for his clients, his reputation, and his family – and his work ethic shows how much he cares about all three of those things. In the end, I got a favorable result with David representing me, and I would absolutely recommend him to any family or friends who may find themselves in this situation in the future.”  Posted by Josh, Client Review – 2019


I have worked with David and his team professionally over the past eleven years. I have never witnessed such compassion with knowledge. He truly cares for his clients and their outcome and he has the skills to back his kindness with positive outcomes! I have watched him both inside and outside of the court room and he demands justice in both arenas. If your in his hands, rest assured, your case will have the best possible outcome.” Posted by Jessica R., Review – 2019


“David showed he honestly cared and stayed in tune with every aspect of the case. I’d strongly recommend him to a friend.” Posted by Kyle G., Client Review – 2018


“These guys are familiar with all our local court systems, the judges, the prosecutors, procedures, and even know some of the local officers, first hand. If your a good person who’s made a mistake, these are the guys for you.” Posted by Casey A., Client Review – 2018


“I was arrested one night for DUI and refusing to blow.  This was my first time in 40+ years being in trouble with the law.  King county sheriff officers are very scary, intimidating individuals and not courteous or professional.  They will exaggerate and lie to get you in trouble.  I was clearly shaken up by the incident and had no idea what to expect.  I interviewed several lawyers and went with David O. He helped me calm down and listened to my story, offering solid advice and counsel.  If I could go back in time, I would no doubt select David O to represent me again.  He was able to get the charges brought down to negligent driving and refusal to obey.  The prosecutors in Shoreline are vicious animals and rarely negotiate.  I received a hefty fine and probation and after 1 year it is finally over.  David was there for me every step of the way.  He bought me a cup of coffee and told me it was going to be ok and at the end of the day it turned out favorable.  No jail time, no dui on my record and a friend for life.” Posted by JB., DUI Client Review – 2018


“Going through the whole court process is never pleasant but David makes this complicated situation as simple as he can. He is clear on what he wants to try to do for you and he never makes promises he cant keep. After our last meeting during my sentencing, he had told me that if I needed any adult consultation on marriage or life in general that he would be there like an “uncle” and to call him anytime for advice. As a young adult starting a family and also coming from an experience like this I can tell he wanted whats best for me and my family. Not only was he able to reduce my charges, he also became a friend and a mentor. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer that they can trust.”  Posted by Shalom Laya A., Client Review – 2018


“Absolutely recommend!!!! I was in a very sticky situation a few months back and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I came across David’s site and his reviews seemed great. Long story short, David did an amazing job in helping me with my situation. From start to finish he was very comforting and calm. He was extremely responsive (which matters a lot to me!), he knew exactly how to handle the situation and it also helps that he’s got an extensive network! I would absolutely recommend David to anybody and I plan to return to him in the future as well :)” Posted by Peter, Client Review – 2017


“Thanks David. Getting arrested and charged with a crime is a really scary experience but from my first consultation with David, he helped put me at ease with his professionalism and his genuine and caring personality. He talked to me like a friend and was honest with what results he was expecting from my case. I was arrested for DUI and blew over twice the legal limit and in the end, David was able to get my charge reduced to reckless driving. DUI Client Review – 2017


“David literally saved my life. Being a hardworking guy pursuing my dream, a sudden shaming criminal arrest is nothing but devastating and destroying to me. I still remembered that Sunday that I called David 20+ times hoping to get all questions answered at once. It was David who was willing to meet me very early in the next day and started contacting the prosecutor immediately afterwards (which was way before the charge was filed).

I am a person who is not that patient and I just cannot the lengthy legal process. During the past year it wasn’t quite uncommon that I cold call David and night and keep texting him every day asking how the progress went. David was able to be not only my lawyer but also my spiritual guidance which helped me go through the whole process.

From the very beginning, David set the expectation correctly and let me know what to expect. He knew when&how to deal with prosecutors and knew what cards the other side had to play. He trained me very well for trial and taught me to express my innocence to the fullest extent.

Having seen many similar cases ending up with a plea deal, I honestly didn’t have a very high expectation. However guess what, the whole case got DISMISSED UNCONDITIONALLY right before trial date. David defended my innocence and proved the fact that I am not guilty of anything. He is just so awesome in my case and words cannot even describe my gratefulness and appreciation due to my limited language ability.

If you got some legal matters to deal with in Seattle area, I’d recommend nobody but David to help you.” Posted by SS., Client Review – 2017


“During our first meeting, he impressed me with his ability to listen to my story and respond with a strategy right away. Thereafter, he provided prompt responses to my questions and kept me well informed. I’m very happy with the outcome of my case, which was driven by David’s extensive knowledge of the local laws and courts. In addition to his skills, I recommend him for being a caring and diligent person.” Posted by EA., Client Review – 2017


“I was charged with a DUI and traffic citation. Seeing that this was such a serious offense especially in Seattle Wa and my arraignment was scheduled so abruptly; I felt confused and under a lot of stress. Being forced to research as much as I could in a short period of time, after many online referrals; reviews; american bar association; linkedin; nolo and avvo searches. I came across David O Defense, I needed an attorney but someone knowledgeable and with years of experience; more importantly I wanted someone that would be understanding, exhibit great character and a true passion for what they do. David was everything and more. He agreed to see me on short notice, at the appointment we discussed my arraignment; Washington law and every facet of my testimony.

The meeting affirmed the fact that I needed David to defend me, his fees were more than adequate and his efforts astounding. I am happy to say that all charges against me were dismissed thanks to David’s driven yet humbling attributes. I would recommend anyone to appoint him. He is a WINNER

Thank you David for all your help, words cannot describe how happy I am. All the best with all future endeavors.” Posted by Fayzaan S., DUI Client Review – 2017


“David O has the utmost integrity, follow-through, and compassion. David is an incredible listener and presents all your options, allowing you to choose with his professional expertise infused. He does what he says he’s going to do and has incredible communication.” Client Review – 2017


“David O is best lawyer, friend and mentor. I got charged with DUI with minor accident and he won the trial and got my cases dismissed. Even though he told me that my cases were really difficult and chances of winning were 50/50, but I trusted him to the fullest and decided to go all the way and fight for it. He did his job really well and alleviated my fears and made me feel more calm. He is great. Not only he is my lawyer, but also became someone who I can look up to like close friend who motivates me to be better in every way. He helped me a lot not only with cases, but gave advice to about my life. When my wife got into car accident, he provided great wisdom and helped to her as well. I highly recommend him if you get into the same type of this trouble I did because he has your back and will give you 1000% to fight for you.”  Posted by Jun I., DUI Client Review – 2017


“David is awesome! He is very helpful and his ability in the courtroom is outstanding. He respects his clients and is very easy to talk to. He will work hard on your case. Highly recommended!” Posted by Chinh L., Client Review – 2017


“David just had my DUI case get dismissed after he successfully filed a motion to suppress all evidence because of illegal stop. The judge agreed, after oral argument where both cops showed up and were put in the witness stand. This was the first time my encounter with the law and was very surprised the stiff penalties and the long term consequences it comes with. My case was difficult case because of my high BAC result – more than twice the limit and the prosecutors were not giving me a good deal on this. The argument of my motion was a complex legal issues about the jurisdiction of the officer who first stopped my car. David knows very well on the legal arguments, the right strategy and how to navigate the system and identify opportunities. In addition David impressed the most the way he successfully planned and argued the motion – During the motion argument, David exploited every opportunity possible by pretty much destroying the state and witness’s evidences and legal arguments and presenting a convincing unexpected counter arguments. I had no doubt this was a great lawyer. I would definitely recommend David to anyone who is fighting DUI charge or any other crime which he wants to take – The result speaks for itself – Case dismissed!!!”  Posted by WM., DUI Client Review – 2017


“David O and his team are some of the most dependable and trustworthy I have encountered. Being charged with a crime, no matter how small or large, is a frightening prospect. Having someone to walk you through the litigation and beyond with the background of many years working with the system is incredibly helpful. I do not know where I would be without David and his team but I know that should I ever require the services of a lawyer again, they will be my only call. They will go above and beyond to see that your needs are met and that you receive the absolute best possible outcome.” Posted by Tyler S., Client Review – 2017


“David and his team are an exceptional group. Initially, I called another law firm where I was only able to speak to a receptionist who was very inconsistent about returning calls, and kept changing the cost of legal fees. Needless to say I did not trust nor want to hire a lawyer I didn’t even get to speak with. After that, I reached out to David over the phone a few days before my arraignment hearing for a DUI and a minor in possession charges. Even though my arraignment was on a Saturday, David assured me he would be able to get someone there. Throughout my case I worked with both David and Tim. they were both great and listened to me and answered all of my questions. He was also very flexible with payments. In the end he was able to get my DUI dismissed if I plead to a deferred MIP. But, it’s possible he could have had it dismissed had I not admitted to drinking upon arrest. Hopefully I won’t ever need a lawyer again, but if I do or need to recommend one to someone else it will be David and his team.” Posted by Lina L., DUI Client Review – 2017


“The piece of mind that the law office of David O criminal defense gave me was a exactly what I needed to get me through this tough time dealing with my legal case. I felt like my world was going to come crashing down around me trying to deal with the whole process but David O was there every step of the way and that gave me the assurance that everything was going to get sorted out in a timely manner. I can not thank you enough David!!” Client Review – 2016


“David is an awesome Lawyer. I was charged with 3 crimes that I did not commit. The state seemed really determined to make me pay for them. I followed his advise, and although it took a while, the charges were finally dropped the day we were scheduled for trial. I hope to not have to use him again, but if I’m ever in need of a lawyer again, he will be my first and only call.”  Posted by Mike R., Client Review – 2016


“David was so respectful and was always there for me. He helped me get through the law process . I couldn’t have done it without him. I truly believe he is the best! I wouldn’t have anybody else represent me.” Posted by Robert H., Client Review – 2016


“David is a phenomenal human being and lawyer. Being charged with a DUI is already a stressful situation, but David calmed me immediately with his easy going nature and his strong desire to listen and understand the pertinent facts of my case. He is well known and respected at the King County Court, with all sides, the prosecution, defense, and judge. I have no doubt that having his cache and experience in my corner helped my case get dismissed. While I can not guarantee the same result, I know David will fight hard for you. He is willing to make payment arrangements and meet on a very short notice. I will recommend all of my family and friends to him. Thank you David!”  Posted by Tom Y., DUI Client Review – 2016


“David O, Defines the goal, Sets expectations, Gets RESULTS!
Thank you David for taking my case, listening, defining goals, setting expectations, getting results, and most of all giving me the comfort knowing that you had my family and my best interest as your priority.
My case was a difficult case with 2 Assault DV charges. These stemmed from me being assaulted and people not being honest. David was my second lawyer. From the moment that we met, he was HONEST about the fact that this DV was not an easy case to defend. We discussed my accounts of the situation, my witnesses, and the accounts of the police report and other parties involved.
He did not promise me this would be easy. He did set out a simple plan. Discussed what needed to be done. and explained the most important part of the case.
Be patient. Trust him. Continue living life. Its his job to worry about the case.
I did just that. David worked with prosecution, presenting how the case was flawed. How the evidence did not add up. He also talked to me about my options, the deals presented, the possible outcomes. AT NO TIME DID HE PRESS ME TO TAKE A DEAL.
He was able to get 1 count dismissed, 1 count court removed the DV tag. BOTH COUNTS DISMISSED !!
David WON. I WON. My family WON!
He treats you like family and is the ONLY way to go.”  Client Review – 2016


“I believe there are good lawyers and than there are great lawyers. David O and his team are without question, great lawyers. They own their client’s problem, and engender a belief that they will do anything possible to help their clients succeed. David O and his team project incredible confidence, but not arrogance. They personalized our relationship by recognizing my interests and needs throughout the whole process. Their response time was phenomenal as they were always available and accessible whenever I needed them. Never was I uncertain of their knowledge or ability to help me succeed. Every member of David O’s Defense team that I worked with exemplified what it truly means to acquire both exceptional communication and analytical skills. It can be very challenging to find a qualified lawyer at a reasonable fee. However, David O and his team were exactly that and much more. My case not only concluded successfully in my favor, but I also benefited by acquiring great advice and a new found relationship with a trustworthy and competent team of defense lawyers. I highly recommend choosing David O Defense for remarkable legal services.”  Posted by Philip N., Client Review – 2016


“David O is honest, kind, and very great. He treated us like family and he kept in touch all the time during the process he always answer our questions. I am very grateful for his help and I would defiantly recommend his services.”  Posted by Laura S., Client Review – 2016


“From the moment that we were introduced, David treated me like a person and not just another case. Is it weird to say that you’re going to miss your attorney? Each time we met it always felt like I was seeing a friend again, his caring and good-natured demeanor helped keep me calm and steady during an extremely stressful time of my life.

He is obviously very experienced and has a commanding knowledge of DUI defense law. After reviewing the facts of my arrest and the charges that were being brought against me, he took the time to clearly explain the possible outcomes (best and worst-case scenarios) and to describe what his experience has been with cases that were similar to mine. At the end of our first meeting we discussed his fee structure, which was very competitive compared to what I had been led to believe I would be paying for a defense attorney based on a handful of internet searches. I left his office that first day feeling supported and understood, and there was no need for me to shop around: I knew I was going to hire him.

Throughout the duration of my case he always very clearly explained the actions he was taking and what I should expect for our next court date. Whenever I felt the need to reach out for support or to have a question answered, he found the time in his schedule to talk and to provide reassurance. He was extremely professional, and I always had full confidence that he was taking every possible action to see that we achieved the best result my case.

And in the end, WE WON! Seeing him in action as he presented my case, questioned witnesses and held the prosecutor to a high standard of argument was amazing. The court clearly thought so too, as the judge ruled in our favor and I was able to leave the courthouse that day with an enormous weight lifted from my shoulders.”  DUI Client Review – 2016


“Mr. O is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. But more importantly had a personable side that makes a tough situations much easier to deal with. Always made me feel as though my best interest was his top priority.”  Posted by Chris J., Client Review – 2016


“David is an excellent Defense attorney and more than that, just a fantastic human being. During the course of 1 year I worked with him on my case, he has been a great friend, counselor, mentor and he is always available 24×7 365 days either in person, phone, text or email. I had a very difficult case with high bac and bad driving. David worked hard to identify possibilities for suppressing my bac results. He then set me up to win in my jury trial and I got my case dismissed with a verdict “not guilty”. This past 1 year was the most excruciating year in my life and when ever I am stressed I have reached out to David and he has always coached me through those stressful times and helped me make the right decisions. He genuinely cared and wanted to see me succeed. I am also a non immigrant resident working here in Washington. This made the case even more challenging and he very patiently and skillfully negotiated every minor detail of my case with prosecution and jury to help me win. I will definitely recommend David to fight your legal battle. If there is anyone who can help you win with a high probability, it will be David.” Posted by VB, DUI Client Review – 2016


“EXCELENTE TRABAJO! Después de hablar con varios abogados, (con secretarías mejor dicho) David fue el único que pude platicar de mi caso en persona y sin cobro alguno para informarme de sus servicios, con honestidad, respeto y encima de eso el más económico, para toda la comunidad hispana que la situación económica en varias ovaciones no es la mejor David O es la mejor opción pues como ya lo mencioné es el más económico y encima de eso pude hacer pagos cómodos mes tras mes, todos los demás piden un mínimo de $1000 a $2000 dólares para trabajar tu caso, con David es todo lo contrario, me pregunto cuando podía pagar y cuánto era más cómodo para mí y sin más ni menos comenzó a trabajar en mi caso, que por cierto el caso lo ganamos 🙂
Recuerdo muy bien lo que me dijo, Luis no te voy a engañar diciéndose que voy a ganar tu caso pero lo que sí te puedo garantizar es que voy a trabajar y hacer todo lo que esté en mi alcance para que podamos ganar tu caso y así fue de principio a fin. Más que satisfecho estoy sumamente agradecido por su servicio, de hoy en adelante ya se a quién acudir o recomendar si algún conocido mío llega a estar en la misma situación! Mil gracias David a ti y a todo tu equipo de trabajo.”  Posted by Luis S., Client Review 2016


“David O has been a real life saver for me. He came in to an almost impossible case 3/4 of the way through, and STILL managed to help me get probably the best possible outcome. On top of saving my good record, he has been by my side and truly showed he cared with questions about how I’m doing and little messages about staying positive, how I can get through this and that he is here whatever I need. They have worked with me every step and never gave up, and didn’t let me either. He definitely helped me believe I could make it through this. I would recommend David O to anyone and everyone who needs a good solid defense, he feels like a close friend almost family. He has been my guardian angel through this very tough time.”  Posted by Amanda N., Client Review – 2015


“Back in August of 2015 I made the stupid decision to drive back home with friends while I was still under the influence. I was pulled over and charged with a DUI. I was under the age of 21 so I blew over the legal limit for my age. I contacted David after this incident and he was as helpful as could be. David is a great guy and reassured me that I hadn’t thrown my life away as I previously thought. I had no clue on how to take on this situation, but he simplified all the legal terms I was unfamiliar with and the steps that I had to take to potentially win my case. Luckily with David’s guidance on what to do and his expertise in the courtroom he managed to win my cases with the DOL so I never had my license suspended and he managed to get my DUI charge dropped down to a negligent driving charge instead which was a relief compared to having a DUI on my record. David handled everything in a professional manner and managed to help me settle everything in less than 4 months. I highly recommend him for anybody that goes through any situation similar to mine.”  Posted by Edson C., DUI Client Review – 2015


“I want to recommend David O Defense Attorney to anyone who has found themselves in the very stressful, humiliating and devastating situation of getting a DUI. I called David after meeting with my assigned Public Defender who made it clear that due to specifics of my case it would be challenging to defend me. I called David because he was the top lawyer listed on the Avvo site. I was crying when I first heard his calming and reassuring voice on the phone. David gave me hope and made me feel like everything was or would be taken care of. He also made me feel like he actually really cared about my well being and future. He treated me like an equal human being when I had felt very ashamed of my situation. In the end I found that his reassurance of my safety from harsh sentencing with his service actually transpired. David was able to get my charge reduced and walked me through all the steps to keep myself safe from any further charges. I urge anyone who has gotten a DUI to call David O!” Posted by Rosamond H., DUI Client Review – 2015


“Always professional while remaining authentic and true to the fact that people need people.  A team of sincere attorneys working to help improve your situation – bringing many years of experience and expertise in their field. It is a pleasure and honor to work with such respectable and competent people.”  Posted by Jessica R. – Review 2015


“David is one of the nicest, most caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His compassion for others is immeasurable. During a very unfortunate circumstance, David was nothing but supportive and caring. His love for what he does, his faith, and his willingness to go above and beyond is what makes him the best. Without a doubt, he is the best and I 100% recommend him.”  Posted by Wendy Q., Client Review – 2015


“David O and his team are fantastic. You really get the feeling that he cares about you and your well being. He was able to get my charge dropped down from the original conviction. David does not rest until you are taken care of. Hopefully I won’t ever need an attorney again, but I would highly recommend him to anyone.”  Posted by Eva C., Client Review – 2015


 “I was originally charged with a disorderly conduct but my charge was escalated by the prosecutor to an assault. My last lawyer did nothing to help me and even made the situation worse. I am from Eastern Washington and needed an out of town lawyer. I looked online for best Seattle lawyers. I found just that when I hired David O. I read about comments people have left and the dismissals that he had been obtaining on several of his cases. I then had a long conversation with him to make sure I was making the right choice. I told him my story and he assured me that I would be in good hands.

David knew my case should be dismissed and did exactly that. I was ready and prepared for trial but David went in with confidence and my case was dismissed. He is truly a blessing from God. I would never go to court without him. David knows law.

As for cost you get what you pay for. David is a five star lawyer. Many lawyers try to prolong your case to make money off of you where David will take care of the situation fast and effectively. Honesty is important to me and I felt that with David O. He always responded back in a reasonable amount of time whenever, I had a question. I never once felt neglected by David. I would never recommend anyone else. I consider David O family now and plan on staying in contact with him forever.”  Posted by Dayvin K., Assault Client Review – 2015


“It doesn’t get any better than David O. This was my first time having to deal with anything like and DUI, and as you can imagine it was extremely nerve-racking and stressful. From our very first phone call to our last day in court he completely made me feel at ease and informed. I was a college student at the time and he was extremely positive and understanding of my mistake, even working with me on a payment plan to get me through it all financially as well. Not only did David help me win my DOL civil case, he also got my DUI reduced to a negligent driving. I would HIGHLY recommend David O to anyone who has to go through this unfortunate situation. You will not regret it, it was sincerely one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you David!”  Posted by Chris, DUI Client Review – 2015


“I highly recommend David O Defense for those who want best results for their criminal cases. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made to see David when I was charged with “selling liquor to a minor.” I am happy with David not only because he got my case dismissed but he also treated me professionally and ethically. No one would regret for putting trust on David. Good job David. May God bless you!”  Posted by Wedisdstu H., Client Review – 2015


“I would recommend Mr. O and his associates to anyone who needs legal help! He recently got my daughter’s criminal case dismissed, which has been a stressful situation for both my daughter and myself. The attorneys of David O Defense were always patient with me as I had many questions and concerns along the way, they always returned my calls and messages promptly. I’ve worked with other attorneys for other legal matters in the past and communication was always an issue, I never had any problems with David O Defense. Also, I paid for my daughter’s legal services and David O Defense had the best legal fee, and allowed me to make a payment plan considerate of my income and financial situation. Many thanks to Mr. O and his team of attorneys. My daughter said, “Best feeling ever!” when they got her case dismissed.”  Posted by Christine N., Review – 2015


“I would not recommend using any other legal team, was reading a recently posted review, that stated a large legal fee was occurred. Never had an issue with any thing to do with financial obligations. The sense of relief was so nice, after discussing a DUI, that became somewhat complicated in my thought process, was promptly and patiently explained to me way before I was to have to face the judge.

I spoke with David about my case and he was able to explain the legal process in a way that I could easily understand, the feeling of impending doom was greatly diminished…

Definitely would recommend using David O Defense to anyone facing a serious legal issue.” – Posted by Matthew T., DUI Client Review – 2015


“I was referred to David by a friend who had used his services with great success. When I met with him to discuss my DUI, he was very professional and informative. He laid out all of my options and was very clear and concise with all of his explanations. I was very satisfied with my outcome and will definitely recommend him to my friends and family if they are ever in need of his services.” – Posted by John Y., DUI Client Review – 2015


“David and his team… were absolutely amazing. I never thought I would ever have to find a lawyer, but David made me feel secure and helped me every step of the way. They worked with me financially and assured me they would do everything they could for my complicated case, and ended up being able to knock it down. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better to represent me, so thankful I chose to go with this firm and would honestly recommend them to anyone needing defense for a DUI case.”  Posted by Casie F., DUI Client Review – 2015


“Genuine, Caring, and Professional.  I was seeking legal counsel about my DUI case from David and from the moment I called him I could already tell that his relationships with his clients go far above and beyond industry standards. Within minutes I felt like I was talking to not only an experienced lawyer, but also a close friend and mentor.  As he read through my documents, he was quick to explain to me different avenues or points of contention he found and was adamant about hearing my side of the story.  Knowing that I was in a really tough spot, he was genuine about setting my expectations accordingly and gave great personal insight to put me at ease.  Based on his great communication skills, transparency, empathy, and professionalism, there is no one else I would recommend over David O if you unfortunately find yourself with a DUI charge. I’ve worked with other lawyers and I can honestly say that David is the only one that I can say that really cared about me and the outcome of my case.”  DUI Client Review – 2014


“David O is the best attorney you can ask for. I just got my first DUI and he was very helpful with all the information and didn’t beat around the bush while working with you. He knew what he was doing and he doesn’t just want to take your money, he gets to know and understands your situation. He gives you all the steps you should do before your court date to help you with your case. I will refer him to anyone. I hope I don’t need him again but if I do I will definitely call him before anyone else.”  Posted by Nick M., DUI Client Review – 2014


“David O is an amazing attorney! He does his homework and he makes sure he has his facts! If you need an attorney call him! He and his staff are personable, interested, invested and will do all they can to win your case! Do not hesitate! Call David O if you need legal help!”  Posted by Alissa K., DUI Client Review – 2014


“David O and his team are experienced, professional and sincere. From the very first appt, David made my son and I feel comfortable starting with his warm and caring attitude. He genuinely cares for his clients and their families. His team works together to ensure you get the very best outcome. We interviewed three Lawyers and it was a no-brainer to choose David. He is the BEST and you will not be disappointed because he will fight for you and work hard for you. I highly recommend you hire him if you are in need, at the very least, if you are looking for an attorney, give him a try with a consultation to compare.” Posted by Lisa F., DUI Client Review  – 2014


“I am very grateful for his service aiding me through this rough patch in my life and helping minimize the punishment from my DUI.” Posted by Jeremy M., DUI Client Review – 2014


“She got my case dismissed… Anastasia Kidniz was my attorney for a legal issue involving a protection order violation.  She got my case dismissed by arguing to suppress the evidence and then making a motion to dismiss the case. The prosecutor had no case against me and the judge granted the motion. This was a brilliant move on Anastasia Kidniz’s part. She definitely knows what she is doing and I would recommend her to anyone who needs legal counsel.  She did all of this while I was out of town due to a vacation planned from more than a year ago. Thank you much Anastasia! Your work and diligence is much appreciated.”  Posted by Sydney M., Protection Order Violation Client Review – 2013


“David is the best attorney that I’ve ever worked with. The first time I worked with David back in 2004 was when I needed to get my civil rights reinstated. David won the case in a decent amount of time. More recently I decided to start my own firearms business and applied for my FFL, when it got to the state part of the process (the final step) I was denied! And told to turn in my CWP.  By the same state that gave my rights back, and my CWP. I know weird. Anyways, I had only 2 weeks to get this fixed, David didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge. In less than a week the sheriff’s office called me and informed me they had messed up and they would be overturning their ruling. I would recommend David to my family, friends and anyone who needs an attorney. He takes a lot of pride in what he does, and it shows by the way he takes care of business. Thanks David for all your help I couldn’t imagine working with another attorney.”  Posted by William B, Restoration of Firearm Rights Client Review – 2013


“The best decision I made.  I met with another DUI attorney before meeting with David. He asked me if I had met with any other attorneys before meeting with him, I said yes and told him which attorney I had met with. He knew her, had worked with her before, and said if I picked either of them he knew I would have great representation. It impressed me that he knew someone else that specializes in DUI cases, and he didn’t choose to badmouth her to a potential client. He is so nice! I was able to communicate with him very well and he was understanding. I was beating myself up for my dumb decision and he had some insight that helped me get past that.”  Posted by Kathleen, DUI Client Review – 2013


“We won my DOL case which is very hard to do. I was very pleasantly surprised and felt very lucky David represented me. There were plenty of questions I had and David would respond to my emails and texts immediately. He was very hardworking. The prosecutor gave me a plea deal of reckless driving, however David persisted until my case was dropped further. My civil charges got reduced to negligent driving and some community service. I could not be happier with choosing David O to represent me. He did a great job and was worth every penny. I can’t give him enough credit. He is amazing.”  Posted by Kathleen, DUI Client Review – 2013


“Choosing David to represent me on a DUI charge was one of the best decisions of my life.  Literally.  During a difficult time with implications that can be so wide-reaching David brought a calm, confident, and positive presence every step of the way.  His knowledge on DUI law and his willingness to look at my case details in depth from start to finish certainly paid off. My case was dismissed and I can’t thank David enough.  He is a true professional at what he does.”  Posted by Josh, DUI Client Review – 2013


“David got my DUI case dismissed.  From the very beginning he was professional and communicative.  Throughout the entire process he kept me informed and made the entire situation better.  I highly recommend David as he is a great lawyer.”  Posted by Mr. J, DUI Client Review – 2013


“David is an awesome lawyer!  I was in an argument with my wife three months ago, and I was arrested and charged DV, me and my wife was shocked by this since we did not hurt each other at all. So after my wife bailed me out, we found David and asked him for help.  He went over every detail with me and told me just relax, he will take care of me.  And at the court date, he came with me and talked to prosecutor at the court, and prosecutor agreed on deferred prosecuting me!  After three months, my case was dismissed, my bail was return and me and my wife are happy again!”  Posted by Shou W., Domestic Violence Client Review – 2013


“David knows what he is doing and gets results!  David was highly recommended to me by a friend when I needed legal assistance for a DWI charge. When I contacted David he responded right away and it was comforting knowing that my legal problems were in good hands. He is very knowledgeable in this space and responded in a timely manner whenever I had questions or concerns around my case. When issues/concerns came up, David handled them very well. With his help, I was able to get the very best outcome for my case. Great guy to work with and a trustworthy person, I hope I never have to again but if I ever need another DWI lawyer, David will be the first to call.”  Posted by Peter, DUI Client Review – 2013


“David O zealously advocates on behalf of his clients and is incredibly personable, which is important when negotiating with prosecutors. I highly recommend David.”  Posted by Sarah Cho – DUI / DWI Attorney in Lynnwood, WA – 2013


“My experience with David was outstanding.  Like a lot of people, I had no idea what to do once I got my DUI and began to ask my friends.  Fortunately for me, one of my friends had prior experience with David, who was able to get her DUI dismissed.  Through her referral, I contacted David and set up a consultation appointment. I hired David soon after because he appeared genuinely caring, knowledgeable, and was easy to talk to. (Not to mention he is a top rated DUI attorney) During the DUI process, I would find that this appearance was exactly what it had seemed to be as David really cares about how your case turns out. He was able to handle my case and help me through the whole process, which included advising me on every step to take in order to make my case more favorable. In the end, David was able to get my case dismissed and all I had to do was stay out of trouble for two years. After my experience with David, I was greatly inspired by him as both an attorney and a person. That led me to pursue law as well and I am now in law school.”  Posted by Daniel T, DUI Client Review – 2013


“I endorse this lawyer. When someone thinks of a lawyer, they think of a person with the power of persuasion and that Mr. O possesses in abundance; he is well-liked and highly respected by judges, clerks, bailiffs, prosecutors, fellow defense attorneys, his clients and the public who watch him in action. One of Seattle’s top attorneys hands down, I am honored to be his colleague. I recommend him without reservation.”  Posted by Henry Chae – Criminal Defense Attorney in Kirkland, WA – 2013


“I highly endorse Mr. O. He is a leading Pacific Northwest attorney in this area of the law. Mr. O is committed to providing his clients with the very best legal representation.”  Posted by Kevin Coluccio – Car / Auto Accident Lawyer in Seattle, WA – 2013


“I was referred to David by a mutual friend when I got my DUI. I found him to be very professional.  He had a very clear plan for fighting my offense and gave me an outline of things I needed to do to make it happen.  At the end he was able to reduce my DUI to a reckless driving and all I had to do was pay a small fine.  I would highly recommend using David for any of your criminal defense attorney needs and have referred several of my close friends to use him.”  Posted by Johnny, DUI Client Review – 2012


“Our experience was excellent. David was prompt and professional. We were looking to handle things ourselves and it was more complicated than we realized. David was knowledgeable and really took the time to help us understand what needed to be accomplished. He was incredibly attentive. He didn’t hesitate to provide us with useful and helpful information right away and accessed our situation on the first call! We immediately decided at that time to move forward with him to handle our case. I think in any situation dealing with legal matters is confusing to some degree and we trusted him and felt we were in good hands. It went smoothly, quickly and our case was dismissed. We highly recommend using David O Defense to all family and friends.”  Posted by Dinah, Client Review – 2012


“My experience with David O is beyond what people could believe!!!! I will recommend anytime to anyone to hire him.“David O knows everything if not more about DUI cases… Being charged with a major offense is a very stressful situation, however having David there really helped me keep my composure. When we were in trial he was advising and teaching the Prosecutors office about DUI’s giving insight most of them did not have. He knows a lot of people in the court system and having someone who is known and well versed on DUI litigation I felt was a benefit to me and set my mind at ease during the weeks and months that were to follow.”  Posted by Amy, DUI Client Review – 2012


“He is genuinely caring for you as a person… and having him as my lawyer really had a calming effect throughout this ordeal. Overall you should not pass him up, he is seriously the best DUI defense lawyer out there, and I would know because I literally went door to door getting consultations from every lawyer in Seattle, and David O is, without a doubt, the best Defense Lawyer in the 206 area.”  Posted by Eric, DUI Client Review – 2012


“Outstanding, ethical lawyer.  A family member was arrested for a DUI in 2011.  After reviewing dozens of lawyers and interviewing a subset of them, I settled on David O, driven by the strength of David’s peer reviews and legal record…”In the end, we were not disappointed. David O was honest, forthright, proactive, fairly priced, and effective — the antithesis of what I had expected and feared. I will recommend him to friends and family, though I really hope I never have to again.”  Posted by Dan, DUI Client Review – 2012


“David O is a highly competent, experienced, compassionate lawyer whom I endorse without reservation.”  Posted by Stephen Hayne – DUI / DWI Attorney in Bellevue, WA – 2012


“David O is a humble human… he dealt with my four cases which were DUI in one year. To be honesty; I was not stable financially and yet he was there for me!!!!!! For sure not a lot people could able to do that!!!!!! when I was stress, he was there to calm me down.  DAVID O KNOWS HOW TO POKE THE CASES FOR SAKE OF SETTING PEOPLE FREE… TRY HIM AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY.”  Posted by Bashi, DUI Client Review – 2012


“I endorse this lawyer. I have known David for a long time and have seen him in court on countless occasions. He is an excellent trial attorney, and a great person. I would not hesitate in referring him in any criminal matter.”  Posted by Matthew Leyba – DUI / DWI Attorney in Seattle, WA – 2012


“David is a talented lawyer and truly cares about his clients.  Out of the thousands of lawyers in the greater seattle area, it is often difficult to find one that is both trustworthy and talented. Although I was nervous, this DUI being my first criminal charge, David alleviated the near panick attack I was having. I am currently studying at the University of Washington to become an attorney myself, and David was truly inspiring. We reached our target goal with relative ease. I would recommend David O to anyone and everyone with a DUI or criminal charge. He has helped several friends who would also speak extremely highly of his ethics, diligence, and attention to detail. He treats clients not like a paycheck, but like a friend and mentor, which is nearly impossible to find in today’s society.”  Posted by Eric, DUI Client Review – 2011


“David’s a great guy that you will want to have working for you. I worked with him on my DUI case which lasted a full year and we were able to fight through it together and bring it down to the lowest possible in regards to my circumstances. He was persistent, understanding and personable. What I liked about David is that he always informed me of my options and the pros and cons of each so that I could make an informed decision instead of trying to convince me of possibly an easier and faster route for him as a lawyer. He seemed to have my best interests in mind. Overall, I would recommend him as a lawyer.”  DUI Client Review – 2011


“Excellent attorney. Deeply experienced, passionate and articulate in representing individuals charged with a crime.”  Posted by Mark Blair – DUI / DWI Attorney in Seattle, WA – 2011


“David is an excellent advocate with a great work ethic and attention to detail. He brings a great deal of professionalism his practice and always fights hard for his clients.”  Posted by Raymond Ejarque – DUI / DWI Attorney in Seattle, WA – 2011


“I had a close family friend who needed an attorney.  The lawyer I chose to refer my friend to was David O.  Smart, aggressive and compassionate.  He obtained excellent results, and I would not hesitate to refer to him again.  I endorse this lawyer’s work.”  Posted by Damon Shadid – Immigration Attorney in Seattle, WA – 2010


“Great Seattle defense attorney!”  I appreciated all the work defense attorney David put forth and my case resolved in the best possible manner, Dismissed!  Prices were reasonable and I had a payment plan that worked for me.  Thanks, David.  I will continue to refer friends and/or family if they get a DUI or any other criminal charge.  Posted by Sarah, Reckless Driving Client Review – 2009


“I have seen David work….he is an excellent attorney.”  Posted by Nicholas Juhl – Litigation Lawyer in Seattle, WA – 2009


“Thanks for the help!”  Mr. O represented me for a DUI I received in 2008, I am MUCH grateful for his services and the outcome of my case. He made me feel as if I can trust him and kept me up to date on the status of my case. Prior to retaining him I was confused and stressed in my process of obtaining an attorney. Every other attorney I spoke with prior to him made me feel like they just wanted my money and didn’t care about my case. When speaking with Mr. O for the first time, he reassured me he is looking out for my best interests and was honest and upfront with me. The outcome of my case solidified this notion. I would defiantly recommend David for anyone who has to go through the unfortunate process of a DUI.”  Posted by Ray, DUI Client Review – 2008


“David O defended me in a DUI case… a few years ago and got me through the process fast with the least amount of resistance.  My case was completely over before I knew it with his assistance.”  DUI Client Review – 2008


“David is a gentleman and an excellent trial lawyer. I had the opportunity to see David’s work on numerous occasions in the many courts in which we both practice and while I was a prosecutor, during which I was able to observe him closely. His even temperament and sound judgment are key elements to his character that make him an excellent lawyer. He is as professional and personable as he is dedicated to providing the highest quality representation. I know him to value balance in his professional and his personal life which gives him the edge to having a long and successful career. It gives me great pride to endorse him.”  Posted by Alberto Guadagno – Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle, WA – 2008


“Most reliable and honest attorney i’ve ever worked with.  He made me feel comfortable throughout my case. He kept me informed and I could tell he knew what he was doing. I would gladly recommend him to a friend or family member.”  DUI Client Review – 2007