Searching the world-wide web and thumbing through the yellow pages to find a DUI or criminal defense attorney to defend your case can be a very daunting task.  There are a ton of attorneys listed with advertisements and websites that make them appear competent and successful.  So how does one sort through the masses of criminal defense and DUI attorney’s to choose a lawyer that will meet their expectations and most importantly an attorney that they feel comfortable with?

The Answer:  To meet attorneys in person and know what questions to ask.

It is much too risky to trust advertisements and websites for accurate representation of an attorney’s character and success rate, after all some advertisements and websites may provide a deceptive portrayal of the attorney through use of embellished words, stock photos, and/or fictitious components, such as fake reviews.   Thus it is always best to meet prospective attorneys in person at his or her law firm, to be able to ask questions, observe, and get a much more concise understanding of the attorney and their law firm.

Most DUI and criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations at their offices to talk about your case and answer questions.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the best and most qualified lawyers will welcome your questions.  Below is a list of questions that will help you pick the right DUI or criminal defense attorney for your case.

Know What Questions To Ask

Is the law firm’s practice exclusively dedicated to DUI and criminal defense?

How long has the attorney practiced DUI and criminal defense law?

Does the lawyer contain the ability to articulate the law and communicate clearly?

Has the lawyer ever taken a DUI or criminal case to trial?

Does the attorney appear successful and professional?

Does the attorney have any Washington State Bar complaints filed against them?  Check now by clicking here:  Washington State Bar Association

Are there real client reviews listed on reputable websites such as AVVO, Yelp, and Google?

Was the law firm easy to contact and did they accommodate your schedule when making the consultation appointment?

Did the lawyer promise case results over the phone or during the consultation without further investigation into your case?

Did the lawyer quote legal fees over the phone without getting to know you or the facts of your case?

What does the legal fee structure include?  Does the fee include handling your case in court as well as the DOL hearing?

Are you able to establish a payment plan to pay for your legal fee?

Do you feel comfortable and confident in the attorney?