The DUI attorneys and criminal defense attorneys at David O Defense are 100% solely dedicated to the practice of criminal defense.  DUI and criminal law is what they know best and do best! With over fifteen years of industry experience, they are highly rated with organizations such as AVVO and rank among the best criminal defense attorneys in Washington State.

Here at David O Defense, our DUI lawyers and criminal defense lawyers are passionate about handling matters of: assault, burglary, department of licensing hearing, domestic violence, drug offensesDUI / drunk driving, expungement / seal record, hit and run, juvenile crime, probation violation, reckless driving, sex crimes, and theft.

Every case and client is important to us!  Whether defending a client against a misdemeanor DUI (driving under the influence) charge or fighting for a defendant’s freedom from a felony allegation, our criminal defense lawyers take their job seriously and are committed to defend each and every client to the fullest, with the goal of getting charges reduced or dismissed.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, one of our skilled defense attorneys will meet with you for a free confidential case evaluation. At this meeting, your attorney will listen and discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have, they will never pressure you to sign the dotted line.  Legal fees will also be determined at this meeting. The attorney you meet with will determine a flat rate legal fee based on the difficulty of the case, your criminal history, and estimated legal work.  We do not bill by the hour.

Ultimately, we strive to offer a welcoming environment where future clients will feel comfortable and at ease, our defense lawyers are compassionate people that are here to help!