Sex crimes carry a unique stigma. A person accused of a sex crime needs an experienced lawyer.  If convicted, a sex offender is marked for life. Conviction of a sex crime can be more serious than any other kind of criminal conviction. Long prison terms are normal, even for simple possession of child pornography. After prison, an offender’s name, address and photograph can be posted on the Internet and made public. A person convicted of a sex offense is limited in the kinds of jobs he can hold and where he can live.  Conviction of a misdemeanor sex offense will have life-long adverse affects.

If you are investigated or charged with a sex crime it is essential to hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights and, if warranted, take your case to trial. Pleading guilty to a sex crime is often a terrible idea. You need a lawyer on your case as early as possible – ideally, before charges are even brought.  If you are under investigation or charged with a sex crime contact our office immediately for a free consultation.