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You Know You Drank Too Much Alcohol If…

You Know You Drank Too Much Alcohol If…

Have you ever been out with friends and you swore to yourself you would only throw back a few beers or only enjoy one or two frosty beverages. You may have entered the evening with the best intentions to limit your alcohol intake, but the night was young and the party was hot so you had a few more drinks. Now your wondering if you’ve gone overboard and perhaps you enjoyed too many finely crafted brews. Well, wonder no more, if you have any of the following symptoms or find yourself in one of the following situations than you know you drank too much alcohol.

You know you drank too much alcohol if…

  • you think you’re good at singing and know all the words to every song
  • you believe your dance moves are the best anyone has ever seen
  • your mascara has run down your face, past your lips
  • you keep introducing yourself to the same person over and over again
  • you’re hugging everyone; the hugs keep rolling out even to strangers
  • you’re missing a shoe or high heel
  • you’ve fallen off your bar stool for a second time
  • you’ve eaten so much, you should hold a world record eating title
  • you pet someone’s fur coat thinking it’s a dog
  • the next morning you see left over fast-food bags in your car

drank to much alcohol

You know you’ve drank too much alcohol if..

  • you try to do high kicks or run sprints
  • you wake up to a police officer knocking on your car window
  • you have double vision and you believe every person has a twin
  • the next day your friend sends you a picture of yourself sleeping in a restaurant booth
  • you challenge someone to a breakdance competition and you don’t breakdance
  • you find your own jokes to be super funny
  • at a later date you find a video of yourself dancing on the bar top
  • you think you know the meaning of life
  • you think your nose is a musical instrument
  • you fall asleep standing…

And the list can go on and on!


Please Note:  This list is for fun and for laughs, by no means should it be used to evaluate how intoxicated an individual is.  Nor should it be taken seriously!


What To Do when You See Flashing Red Lights in your Rear View Mirror

What To Do when You See Flashing Red Lights in your Rear View Mirror

Police car with Flashing Red LightsIt’s the holiday season which is filled with joy and  sparkling Christmas lights.  It’s also a time of year that you may see flashing red lights in your rear view mirror…  the flashing red lights of a police officer’s car.  Patrol units always increase during the holidays and if you get pulled over it can be quite the holiday buzz kill!

Don’t worry, we have some tips for you that you could use any time of the year when you are faced with flashing red lights in your rear view mirror. By following our tips you should have a better experience with the police and perhaps avoid a ticket or an arrest.

What to Do when you See A Patrol Car Following You

Don’t start to panic if you see a patrol car start to follow you, this doesn’t always mean you did something wrong.  Perhaps you just caught their attention by doing something such as; playing loud music, your car is noisy, eating while driving, grooming while driving, out of state license plates, etc.  If you are being followed remember to:

  1. Stay calm and drive safely.  Drive at the speed limit and obey all traffic laws.
  2. Avoid looking in the rear view mirror constantly.  Keep your eyes on the road and occasionally check to see if the officer is still following.  If you keep looking in the rear view mirror, the police may become even more suspicious.
  3. Don’t try to lose the police.  Taking the quickest turn onto the next road or exiting the freeway immediately may trigger the police to pull you over.  Simply remain calm and continue to drive to your destination.

What To Do when you See Flashing Red Lights in Your Rear View Mirror

It’s a bummer when you see the emergency lights of a patrol car activated and you realize those flashing red lights are for you.  This is no time to panic!  It’s a time to remain calm and present yourself in the best possible manner to the police.  Hopefully you can avoid a ticket or an arrest by following these tips:

  1. Pull over immediately in a safe area.  If the officer does not like where you are pulling over they will tell you with hand signals or over their PA system.
  2. Park your car and set the parking break.  Turn your engine off if the officer tells you to do so.
  3. Roll down your car window. Turn on the interior light if the officer tells you to do so.
  4. Place your hands on top of the car’s steering wheel and do not reach for your license and registration until the officer requests for them.
  5. All passengers should remain calm and keep their hands in plain view.  Additionally, they should make occasional eye contact with the police, if you don’t look, police become suspicious.
  6. Don’t talk too much to the police.  Follow directions, be respectful, and answers questions but keep it short.  Nobody talks their way out of a situation, so don’t try.  Don’t try to become a police officer’s friend, they are working not trying to make friends.
  7. If the police think you may be DUI (driving under the influence) ask to call your DUI attorney immediately.  And do not take the voluntary field sobriety tests or the DUI portable breathalyzer test.

Santa and reindeer for flashing red light blog


Hopefully by following these tips your holiday season will remain Merry and Bright with or without flashing red lights!

Drive safe and Happy Holidays from the DUI attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, and staff at David O Defense!







DUI POP QUIZ – Test Your Knowledge

DUI POP QUIZ – Test Your Knowledge

How knowledgable are you when it comes to DUIs?  Take our quick DUI POP QUIZ to find out, maybe you will know it all or maybe you will learn something new!  Good Luck…

(The answers to the DUI POP QUIZ questions are listed below question 10.)
  1. What does DUI stand for?
  2. True or False.  You can only be charged with DUI if you have been drinking alcohol.
  3. What does BAC stand for?
  4. True or False.  You can only be charged with DUI if your BAC level is 0.08 or above.
  5. True or False.  Washington State’s legal drinking and driving BAC limit is 0.08.
  6. What are the 3 most common ways a cop can spot a DUI driver?
  7. True or False.  If an individual is under investigation for a DUI, that individual must take the field sobriety tests.
  8. What does DOL stand for?
  9. How many days is a driver’s license suspended if a first time DUI offender that provides a breath test loses their DOL hearing?
  10. True or False.  If found guilty of a DUI, you can later have the DUI removed from your criminal history through the expungement process.




Here are the answers, how did you do?
  1. Driving Under the Influence
  2. False, you can be charged with DUI if your driving is affected and you are under the influence of any substance such as; alcohol, marijuana, drugs, prescription drugs, glue, paint, etc.
  3. Blood Alcohol Content or Blood Alcohol Concentration
  4. False, you can be charged with DUI if an officer believes your driving is impaired even if your BAC level is below 0.08.
  5. True, Washington’s legal drinking limit is a BAC level of 0.08.
  6. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the three most common ways a cop spots a DUI are; 1) wide turns, 2) appearing to be drunk, and 3) straddling along the central marker between lanes.
  7. False, an individual does not need to take the field sobriety tests when under investigation for a DUI, the tests are voluntary.  David O Defense always recommends not to take the field sobriety tests.
  8. Department of Licensing
  9. 90 Days
  10. False, a DUI charge cannot be removed or expunged from someone’s criminal history.  However charges such as theft, reckless driving, burglary, drug charges, and other misdemeanor and felony charges can be expunged if certain requirements are met.