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Weston Cage Tries to Elude Cops but Fails and Gets a DUI

Weston Cage Tries to Elude Cops but Fails and Gets a DUI

In an attempt to elude police officers, Weston Cage, son of actor Nicolas Cage, managed to drive himself into a lot of trouble which included; running over mailboxes, plowing down a street sign, side swiping a car, and smashing into a tree. All ironically resulting in a police arrest and being charged with a DUI.

Saturday, Feb. 5th actually started off OK for the 26-year-old actor. Weston was driving a new ride in the San Fernando Valley around noon when he got into a minor fender bender. The driver of the other car and Weston exchanged information and all seemed to be fine.  Until, Weston thought the cops were coming to scene of the accident. That’s when Weston decided to take off! And that’s also when his day started to get a lot worse.

a duiWhile trying to escape the clutches of the ghost cops, Weston only made it a mile away until he lost control of his new car. He swerved onto a residential lawn, ran down a row of mail boxes, continued through the yard, plowed down a street sign, and finally came to a halt by running straight into a tree while sideswiping a car at the same time.  WOW, talk about major amount of destruction in a short amount of lawn.

To make matters worse, Weston’s car no longer looked new… the front end was completely smashed, bummer!

Needless to say, the police were called.  And unfortunately for the star of the movies Lord of War (2005) and Rage (2014), police believed Weston was driving under the influence, aka DUI.  He was arrested and taken to the hospital to check for any bodily injuries before being charged with DUI.

Feb. 5th was not the best day for Weston, but hopefully his days thereafter are much better.  And hopefully Weston hire’s a reputable DUI lawyer to defend his DUI charge!

If you have been charged with a DUI in Washington State and need a great lawyer on your side, give David O Defense a call, 206-459-6392.  Our experienced DUI attorneys are happy to help.


Texas Ranger Pitcher Strikes Out during DUI Investigation

Texas Ranger Pitcher Strikes Out during DUI Investigation

Texas Ranger Pitcher, Jeremy Jeffress, obviously has not read the blog article, “What To Do – When Stopped for a DUI,” because he did not follow the suggested advice provided by the DUI attorneys at David O Defense. In fact, Jeffress made three major mistakes during the DUI investigation.

According to the Dallas Texas police, on August 26th, Jeremy Jeffress was pulled over early in the morning for a traffic violation. When police began their questioning, Jeffress made his first major error. Jeffress started talking too much and confessed to police that he had,  “three or four cups of Hennessy cognac mixed with Coca-Cola”. To make matters worse, the female passenger who decided to chime in during the DUI investigation confessed that she and Jeffress were coming from SISU nightclub. Major NO NOs and strike one against Jeffress!

  • The DUI attorneys at David O Defense suggest to not engage in small talk, no need to answer questions about where you have been and what you have been doing. If you do answer these questions it often leads to self-incrimination.

baseball player for DUI and criminal defense blog, dui investigation blogThe Dallas police continued their DUI investigation and asked the pro athlete to perform the DUI field sobriety tests.  Jeffress failed the tests! The police documented that he had poor balance and could not stand on one leg. Strike two!

  • Here at David O Defense, our attorneys always suggest not to take the field sobriety tests. The tests are voluntary. They are very difficult and a completely sober person would have trouble passing these tests. Additionally, any mistake made while taking the field sobriety tests will be used against you and will make your DUI case more challenging.

Strike three for Jeffress is not asking police to speak with a DUI attorney during the beginning of the DUI investigation. If Jeffress would have asked to speak with an attorney early on, an experienced DUI attorney would have instructed Jeffress not to talk to police and not to take the field sobriety tests.

  • David O Defense lawyers always suggest to ask for a DUI attorney, it is your legal right. If you do not have a DUI attorney, ask the officer to call a public defender. Once you are on the phone with a DUI attorney, that attorney will be able to give you proper instruction and advice on what to do next.

Three strikes and Jeffress is out, BUMMER! The police arrested the pitcher and transported him to a nearby station where he was charged with DUI.

Here are David O Defenses’s 4 key points to remember during a DUI investigation

  1. Respect – Be respectful to law enforcement.
  2. Ask – Ask to speak with a DUI attorney.
  3. Don’t Talk – You cannot talk yourself out of a DUI arrest.
  4. No DUI Tests – Do not take the voluntary DUI Tests.


Abby Wambach 100% Sober After DUI Arrest

Abby Wambach 100% Sober After DUI Arrest

Congratulations to US soccer professional, Abby Wambach, who happily reports she has been completely sober after her arrest for DUI back in April!  That equals five months of sobriety!  Soon after the DUI arrest, Abby publicly vowed that she would take responsibility for her decision to drive under the influence, and it definitely appears she has done so and is doing well!

Wambach was pulled over on April 2nd by police on the outskirts of Portland Oregon for an incomplete stop at a red light.  She failed DUI field sobriety tests and blew a .13 breathalyzer result, amounting to her DUI arrest.

When released from the police station, Wambach immediately took ownership of her actions and posted this apology on her Facebook page;

Last night I was arrested for DUI in Portland after dinner at a friend’s house.
Those that know me, know that I have always demanded excellence from myself. I have let myself and others down.
I take full responsibility for my actions. This is all on me. I promise that I will do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated.
I am so sorry to my family, friends, fans and those that look to follow a better example.
– Abby

A few weeks later while in court, Wambach pled guilty to driving under the influence of intoxicants and entered a diversion plan offered to first time DUI offenders.  While under the diversion plan, Abby is required to have a breathalyzer installed on all vehicle she operates and must undergo drug and alcohol treatment.  If she successfully completes the year-long diversion plan, it’s likely the judge will dismiss her DUI charge.

It’s been five months since the DUI arrest, and so far so good for the retired soccer player.  At this point she will only have good news to report to the judge.

TMZ recently caught up with Wambach in LAX.  When asked about her sobriety, Wambach happily told TMZ reporters she was totally sober and that she learned her lesson from the DUI charge, “You learn, you learn… you live and you learn.”

Thanks again Abby for being a great role model even when you make a mistake!  Nobody is perfect, and it’s awesome that you are moving forward from your mistake and trying your best not to repeat it.  We wish you continued success with your case and sobriety.  You Rock!