DUI Attorney Checklist CheckmarkPrint this checklist to help determine the best criminal or DUI defense attorney for your case!


The law firm only practices criminal defense and DUI defense.


The lawyer you are speaking with has represented many individuals that have faced criminal or DUI charges.


They will take your criminal or DUI case to trial if necessary and have ample trial experience.


You feel that the attorney listens well and they answered all your questions with ease and clarity.


The attorney speaks clearly and they tell you about your legal options in a manner that you can understand.


The law firm appears well-organized and the lawyers are dressed professionally and present themselves well.


The law firm was easy to contact by phone or email and they replied in a timely manner.


The attorney did not quickly quote a legal fee over the phone or make promises about your case prior to meeting in person.


The lawyer clearly explained the cost of representation.


You felt confident in the attorney’s professional abilities.


You felt respected by the attorney.


You felt comfortable talking with the attorney.


Additional Comments or Thoughts…



Complete this attorney checklist during or after your legal consultations.  Whichever criminal defense or DUI attorney receives the most check marks is likely the best attorney to represent you and your case!