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Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Cleared from Criminal Allegations

Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch Cleared from Criminal Allegations

Great news Seattle Seahawks fans, Marshawn Lynch is no longer a suspect in an alleged assault and personal property damage incident, he has been officially cleared!  The Bellevue Police Department released a statement last night clearing Lynch from the assault and property damage allegations, “The Bellevue Police Department has determined that Marshawn Lynch was not involved in last weekend’s property damage and assault in any way.”

The assault and property damage allegedly occurred this past Sunday, August 10th around 2:30 am.  The very next day, Bellevue Police announced Lynch as a possible suspect in the criminal activity, even before they had a chance to interview Lynch himself.  The Hawks confident in their star running back’s innocence, quickly responded by saying, “While we maintain the utmost respect for the investigative process, after speaking with Marshawn, we are comfortable these accusations are bogus.”

And indeed the allegations were “bogus.”  Although Beastmode is cleared of any wrongdoing the Bellevue Police Department issued this statement as well, “This case remains an open and active investigation.  We appreciate the cooperation we have received from Mr. Lynch and the Seahawks organization during this investigation.”

With allegations behind him, Lynch, 28, can now focus on what he does best, “Beast Mode.” Coach Pete Carroll hinted that Marshawn may be playing in the next preseason game against the Chargers. “You may see a little bit of Marshawn in this game,” said Carroll during a KJR-AM interview.


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Written by Sarah Ann



DUI Case Dismissed in May 2013 – Criminal Defense Attorney, David O

DUI Case Dismissed in May 2013 – Criminal Defense Attorney, David O

In this DUI case, my client (“MC”) was arrested for driving under the influence in Snohomish county.  The state trooper stopped MC’s vehicle for allegedly “not having working license plate lights” and nothing else.  After a brief DUI investigation, the trooper arrested MC for DUI (driving under the influence).

RCW 46.37.020 mandates vehicles to display lighted headlights and other lights after sunset or before sunrise and at any other time when persons and vehicles on the highway would not be clearly discernible at a distance of one thousand feet.  This statute is relevant because it would determine by law when lights are required on a vehicle while driving and in what type of conditions.

RCW 46.37.050(3) states: “Either a tail lamp or a separate lamp shall be so constructed and placed as to illuminate with a white light the rear registration plate and render it clearly legible from a distance of fifty feet to the rear…”  This statute is relevant because it specifically relates to a vehicle’s license plate and some facts related to my case.

My evaluation of MC’s DUI case; the trooper had no basis to stop MC’s car.  However, the state prosecutor didn’t agree with me.  I never take it personal when a prosecutor does not agree with me because, at times, I know they are just doing their “duty.”  So, I set MC’s DUI case for a motion hearing.  A motion hearing is a hearing similar to a trial but without a jury. There is no waiver of a jury trial for this type of hearing.  It’s a hearing where testimony will be provided by witnesses and legal issues presented to a judge.  After hearing all the issues the judge will decide and make certain rulings.

Fortunately for MC, the judge agreed with my argument and dismissed MC’s DUI case!  The judge decided the trooper did not have a reasonable basis to stop MC’s vehicle.  As MC criminal defense attorney, I put a lot of time and energy reviewing police reports, Washington State laws, interviewing witnesses and presenting my findings to the judge in a persuasive manner.  MC was very pleased his DUI was dismissed!



Former WNBA Player Chamique Holdsclaw’s Assault on Ex Girlfriend

Former WNBA Player Chamique Holdsclaw’s Assault on Ex Girlfriend

Former WNBA player Chamique Holdsclaw unleashed built up anger on her ex-girlfriend / ex-teammate, Jennifer Lacy by bashing in her car and firing a gun.  According to, Lacy believed her former Atlanta Dream teammate was still angry at her for breaking-up their 4  year-long relationship.

On November 13th, Holdsclaw had been following Lacy in her Range Rover SUV.  She waited for Lacy to pull the car over and get out.  Raging and armed, Chamique approached the SUV and smashed in windows, next she drew a nine mm pistol, fired a shot into the car and then fled.

Police noted an odor of an accelerant  in and on the SUV.  They suspect Chamique Holdsclaw poured gas onto the car prior to the incident with the intent of blowing the SUV up by firing a bullet into it.

Jennifer Lacy, was not injured and is refusing to speak to her unstable ex.  Chamique Holdsclaw is being held in an Atlanta jail on $100,000 bail and must comply with wearing a home monitoring ankle bracelet before being released.  Holdsclaw is facing 2 counts of aggravated assault, 2 counts of criminal damage to property and 1 count of possession of a fire arm during the commission of a felony.  She is scheduled back to court November 30th.

Holdsclaw’s fame has come from her talent to score points in a basketball game.  However, in this legal situation, Holdsclaw wants to sit the bench and not score points because the more she scores in this game the longer and harsher the sentencing range would become if she were to be found guilty of the allegations.


Written by S.O

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