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Judge Wants Justin Bieber to Star in a PSA as part of DUI Plea

Judge Wants Justin Bieber to Star in a PSA as part of DUI Plea

Some sources say it’s true, the Judge assigned to Justin Bieber’s Miami DUI case was wanting the Biebs to star in an anti-drug PSA (public service announcement) as part of his DUI plea deal.  The Judge also wanted Bieber to pay and produce the PSA.  However, Justin Bieber’s DUI defense attorney wasn’t having it, saying it was an inappropriate sentence and the prosecution seemed to agree.  Eventually the Judge retracted his idea of Beibs giving back to the community through a PSA.

Remember this DUI case… Justin was busted in Miami for drag racing down the streets outside a club while under the influence of alcohol.  Later it was discovered Justin wasn’t drag racing or under the influence of alcohol but did test positive for marijuana.  Thus still DUI of marijuana.

It sounds like Justin will be getting a pretty sweet DUI plea deal in a few weeks.  JB’s DUI defense attorney and the prosecutors have negotiated for Justin to plead guilty to a reckless driving and the three original charges of DUI, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license will all be dropped!    Beibs isn’t getting off completely scott free, he will have to pay fines and attend an anger management class.

Originally, the prosecutors wanted Justin Bieber to attend a DUI drug/alcohol program, however, Justin’s defense lawyer again came to the rescue and argued Justin doesn’t suffer from alcoholism or drug abuse.  In the end, the prosecution settled on anger management classes.

Way to go criminal defense team Bieber!  3 major charges including a DUI all reduced down to reckless driving.  No production and appearance in a anti-drug PSA.  And finally, no DUI drug/alcohol program showing admission of guilt, instead only an anger management class and some court fines.  Great DUI plea deal, major win for JB!

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Written By Sarah Ann

Bieber May Strike A Sweet DUI Deal!

Bieber May Strike A Sweet DUI Deal!

A quick update on Justin Bieber’s DUI case…  It pays off to hire a great DUI defense attorney, and Justin Bieber is probably ecstatic with the plea deal that his defense attorney has been negotiating for him.   Apparently, the Miami prosecutors have unofficially offered Justin the deal to drop all three charges of; DUI, resisting arrest, and driving without a license, if Justin pleads no contest to a reckless driving charge.  Now that’s a sweet deal!  Dropping three charges which included a DUI and pleading no contest (aka guilty) to one lesser offense such as reckless driving, Justin better take it!

Additionally, Justin Bieber’s defense attorney has halted the random drug testing that Miami prosecutors were initially asking for… another score for Team Bieber!

Thus Bieber will plead guilty to reckless driving, of which he may have to pay some fines for, and then he will be placed on probation for about a year during which he will be required to keep his hands clean of all criminal activity while in the United States.

Team Bieber should wrap up negotiations and finalize the DUI deal within the next couple of weeks.

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Written by SAO

Justin Bieber’s DUI Attorney Is Doing His Job

Justin Bieber’s DUI Attorney Is Doing His Job

The Biebes has been plastered all over media for his recent DUI of alcohol and drugs arrest.  It happened back in January when Justin Bieber, pop music icon and teen heart-throb, and his buddy rap artist, Kahlil, decided to drag race their luxury cars outside of a Miami night club.  Local cops observed the race and pulled Bieber and Kahlil over and arrested them both.  Bieber was taken to the police station and charged with DUI, drag racing, resisting arrest without violence (Beibes dropped a lot of F-bombs on the officers), and driving on an expired driver’s license.

Bieber posted $2500.00 in bail, a measly drop in the bucket for the super songster, and got the heck out of jail. Later he decided to hire Miami DUI and criminal defense attorney Roy Black to defend his DUI case.  Ding Ding, does the name Roy Black ring a bell to all Bravo and Real Housewives of Miami mega fans?… It must, Roy Black is the husband to Real House Wife Lea Black… The Miami A-listers that live in the newly redecorated huge mansion… Ah yes now we know who Roy Black is.  Attorney Black has a reputation for representing high-profile clients of which have included; Kelsey Grammar, Rush Limbaugh, and Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild creator).

Fast forward to today, DUI defense attorney Roy Black has already poked holes into Bieber’s DUI case, by finding errors and legal issues.  Black believes there are some significant issues with the arresting officer, Steven Cosner.  For starters, it appears Cosner’s police report includes details that have been exaggerated to make Bieber appear less favorable.  For instance, officer Cosner’s report describes Bieber and Kahlil were racing at speeds between 55-60 miles per hour, yet, a GPS tracking system indicated the top speed of the two cars was at a much slower pace of 44 miles per hour.  Additionally, Cosner’s report describes J.B. as reeking of alcohol in his car, however, Bieber blew a low .014 into the breathalyzer machine at the police station, an individual would not “reek of alcohol” at this low BAC level.  Fluff and exaggeration!

Black has also found some defense ammo in the fact that officer Steven Cosner has credibility issues.  An extensive history of credibility issues in fact, which includes 15 counts of misconduct between the years of 2001 and 2012.  Five of those counts of misconduct were acquired by not showing up to court when ordered to do so.  Black speculates officer Cosner may not have shown up to court intentionally, to avoid being placed under oath, and being forced to explain police report exaggerations, like he has done with Bieber’s report.  Cosner knows that if he doesn’t tell the truth while under oath, he could be prosecuted for perjury, and potentially lose his job.  Cosner’s other counts of misconduct include; violating the rules of courtesy and respect, off duty/secondary employment, unlawful compensation, offensive conduct/language, and sleeping on duty.

The prosecution may want to think twice before putting officer Cosner on the stand if Bieber’s DUI case goes to trial, defense attorney Black will be prepared to discredit him.  And that is the job of a talented DUI defense attorney…  to find issues and errors with a case, and then to be fully prepared to present those issues to the prosecutors and in trial if necessary.


Written by S.O