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Pilot Suspended from Flying after receiving a DUI while Driving

Pilot Suspended from Flying after receiving a DUI while Driving

Jimmy Carrillo may be freaking out right about now due to his recent DUI arrest possibly destroying his career as a pilot.  Carrillo, has been removed from duty as a pilot with PSA Airlines, a subsidiary of American Airlines, while his DUI is under investigation, which could mean no flying and possibly no paycheck for Carrillo for many months.  It is not unusual for a DUI investigation and case to take months to resolve and some DUI cases can take a year or more to come to an end.

Carrillo, a North Carolina resident was in Naples, Florida when he was arrested for drunk driving.  According to police reports, on Monday morning around 2:11 am, Carrillo failed to stop his 2014 grey Buick rental car at a flashing red light.  He ran the light and cut in front of a deputy and another driver.  Police pulled the 35-year old over and questioned him on his whereabouts. Carrillo admitted he had just come from a local bar, Blue Martini, and while holding up four fingers he told the officers he had only consumed two drinks.  The pilot knew he was in the hot seat and tried talking his way out of the DUI by saying, “I have too much to lose,” and that he could call someone to pick him up immediately or take a cab.  He also reassured the local deputies that he, “wouldn’t fly an airplane for the next 12 hours.”  Carrillo’s BAC revealed a result was 0.095, he was arrested and charged with DUI.  Florida’s legal drinking limit is 0.08, the same as Washington State’s legal limit.

According to the Federal Aviation Regulation the use of alcohol and drugs by pilots is regulated by FAR 917.  Among other provisions, this regulation states that no person may operate or attempt to operate an aircraft: within 8 hours of having consumed alcohol, or while under the influence of alcohol, with a blood alcohol content of 0.04% or greater, or while using any drug that adversely affects safety.

Carrillo needs to hire a strong DUI defense lawyer, his career is depending on it.  Since Carrillo doesn’t live in Florida, he most likely doesn’t have a personal referral for a good DUI attorney and will have to find one on his own.  He would greatly benefit from reading our web page, “How to Pick a DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Know What Questions to Ask,” which provides information on to select the best DUI attorney for case representation.


Written by Sarah Ann

Bieber May Strike A Sweet DUI Deal!

Bieber May Strike A Sweet DUI Deal!

A quick update on Justin Bieber’s DUI case…  It pays off to hire a great DUI defense attorney, and Justin Bieber is probably ecstatic with the plea deal that his defense attorney has been negotiating for him.   Apparently, the Miami prosecutors have unofficially offered Justin the deal to drop all three charges of; DUI, resisting arrest, and driving without a license, if Justin pleads no contest to a reckless driving charge.  Now that’s a sweet deal!  Dropping three charges which included a DUI and pleading no contest (aka guilty) to one lesser offense such as reckless driving, Justin better take it!

Additionally, Justin Bieber’s defense attorney has halted the random drug testing that Miami prosecutors were initially asking for… another score for Team Bieber!

Thus Bieber will plead guilty to reckless driving, of which he may have to pay some fines for, and then he will be placed on probation for about a year during which he will be required to keep his hands clean of all criminal activity while in the United States.

Team Bieber should wrap up negotiations and finalize the DUI deal within the next couple of weeks.

See my previous blog “Justin Bieber’s DUI Attorney Is Doing His Job,” for more insight on J.B.’s DUI arrest.


Written by SAO

Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch: DUI Case Dismissal Denied

Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch: DUI Case Dismissal Denied

This past Friday, Seattle Seahawk running back, Marshawn Terrell Lynch, was denied by California Judge, Yolanda Northridge, to dismiss his 2012 DUI charge.  Lynch’s DUI attorney also made a motion to suppress evidence during the same court appearance but Judge Northridge also declined the motion.

Marshawn Lynch, aka “Beast Mode”, has been fighting this DUI charge since the Summer of 2012.  He was pulled over by the California Sate Patrol early morning on July 14th for erratically driving in and out of lanes.  According to state patrol officers, Lynch was behind the wheel of a white Ford van and almost side-swiped two other cars while traveling on Interstate 808.  The state patrol officers suspected Lynch had been drinking and began investigating him for possible DUI (driving under the influence).

Allegedly, the power house football player failed the DUI sobriety tests.  He was arrested and taken to the Alameda County Sheriff Department’s North County Jail in Oakland where he submitted to a breath test, which of course came up positive and was over the legal limit of .08.  Official charges of DUI were filed against Lynch on July 18th and he and his DUI defense lawyer plead not guilty to those charges in August 2012.

Beast Mode has been fighting his DUI charge for over a year now and will continue to do so, since Judge Northridge denied his DUI dismissal.  As of now he has a jury trial date set for December 27th, just two days before the Seahawks final regular season game against the Rams on December 29th.  Lynch’s DUI lawyer plans on continuing the case into the new year so court dates won’t interfere with critical football games.

We will keep you updated on Marshawn Lynch’s DUI trial and case outcome.  We will also keep you posted on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s reactions to the case results.  If found guilty, Lynch may face harsh NFL punishments especially since he will be a repeat offender in the eyes of Goodell.  Over three years ago, Goodell suspended Lynch for three games due to a misdemeanor weapons conviction.  Since then, Marshawn Lynch has stayed out of trouble except for this 2012 DUI charge.

Good Luck Beast Mode with your DUI case, and Go Hawks!


Written by S.O