Long List of Legal Charges for Ex-Husky Alameda Ta’amu

Wow.  Alameda Ta’amu, a rookie defensive linemen for the Pittsburg Steelers, racked up a long list of legal charges including felonies and DUI.  According to the Seattle Times and komonews.com, Alameda Ta’amu was seen early Sunday morning driving a Lincoln Navigator by a Pittsburg off duty police detective.  The detective phoned police reporting erratic driving, speeding, swerving, and running red lights.  Ground patrolmen ordered Ta’amu to pull over but had to dive out-of-the-way to avoid being hit by the out of control SUV.  Police followed the SUV driven by the  22-year-old as he ran into a parked car injuring a women.  He continued to drive and hit several other cars until the SUV became disengaged.  Alameda Ta’amu got out of his car and ran from police, he was chased down, wrestled to the ground, handcuffed, and punched twice in the face for making an attempt to reach for his pant waist band for a possible weapon.

The ex-UW Husky football player, Alameda Ta’amu, had a breath test result of .196, twice the legal limit of .08.  He was arrested and charged with ten misdemeanors (one of them being a DUI), three counts of aggravated assault, aggravated assault while drunk driving and, felony counts for eluding police.

The General Manager of the Steelers, Kevin Colbert, had generic words about the matter, “We will gather more facts before providing any further comment.”
Alameda Ta’amu made very bad decisions that night, decisions I’m sure he will never forget the consequences of as he has yet to see them fully unfold.  A ruined name, possible jail time, thousands of dollars in court costs and attorney fees.  Probable NFL suspensions and/or being dropped by the Steelers all together.
Ta’amu has not played in a game for the Steelers this season.
Written by S.O