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DUI Arraignment Today for Actor John Stamos

DUI Arraignment Today for Actor John Stamos

At some point today, 52-year-old actor, John Stamos will be in front of a Los Angeles Court Judge today for arraignment of his DUI charge.  He is facing one misdemeanor count of DUI which is a result of his June 12th arrest, when he was allegedly driving erratically and behaving strangely.

It appears that drugs were the culprit of Stamos’s DUI and alcohol was not a factor.  Prosecutors are saying that the hospital records revealed drugs in Stamos’s body but they are not sharing what type of drug.

A DUI involving drugs and a DUI involving alcohol are essential the same charge, “Driving Under the Influence” thus the penalties are the same.

If found guilty of this DUI charge, Stamos, aka “Uncle Jesse” on the 1987-1995 sitcom “Full House” could face up to 6 months in county jail.

What is an arraignment and what happens?

An arraignment is the first appearance in court, which is referred to as the “arraignment hearing.” At this hearing the person accused, called the defendant, is formally told of the crime(s) he or she is accused of and is advised of his or her rights. The judge will want to hear the defendant plead guilty or not guilty. ** The DUI and criminal defense attorneys of David O Defense strongly encourage every defendant to plead not guilty at the arraignment hearing.** After the defendant pleads not guilty the court will consider whether or not to take the defendant into custody while the case is pending or consider conditions of release.

Examples of conditions of release could include but are not limited to:

  1. Bail (monetary collateral to the court to guarantee an individual’s presence in court when scheduled).
  2. Law abiding behavior.
  3. No contact with certain persons.
  4. Installation of an ignition interlock.
  5. No driving under certain conditions.
  6. Required electronic home monitoring with alcohol detection devices.
  7. Random urinalysis test.
  8. Released on personal recognizance (simply agree to return back to court as scheduled).

To learn more about how the courts proceed with DUI or criminal cases see our page Criminal Court Process.

Attorney David O discusses 3 Cases, and why they were Significant.

Attorney David O discusses 3 Cases, and why they were Significant.

With each case, I try to become an even better DUI and criminal defense attorney than I was before.  I reflected back on some cases and I wanted to summarize why those cases were significant to me, and how each case made me stronger as an attorney.

1.  I represented an elderly man who was charged with assault 2nd degree-domestic violence. The alleged victim was his wife of over 30+ years. This case was significant because it demonstrated how important it is to conduct a thorough investigation. The case involved interviewing several witnesses not identified in the police reports, specifically, all of client’s children. At the end of the investigation we discovered the alleged victim had been suffering from paranoia and delusions that were undiagnosed prior to our investigation.  The case was dismissed.

2.  I represented a young woman charged with DUI. This case was significant to me because it demonstrated how important it is to have effective client meetings to discuss their case and their objectives. I learned to not simply believe everything in the police report to be true and accurate but to get the client’s perspective on what happened on the night of the incident. In my opinion, to effectively represent a client there must be a meaningful meeting with the client to go over discovery and explore evidentiary and legal issues. This case ultimately went to jury trial because the prosecutor did not believe my client’s defense to DUI, specifically, that she drank alcohol after driving and before law enforcement initiated their investigation. The verdict was not guilty.

3.  I represented a young client charged with a VUCSA, specifically possession of heroin. This case was significant to me because it showed me the importance of building trust between me and my client and how it takes time to develop a relationship and how understanding will eventually grow into respect and a deeper trust. My client still battles with his addiction to heroin and has good days and unfortunately some bad. He is currently being held in custody and will undergo treatment when released. He is expecting his first child in a couple of months and really wants to get clean for himself and his son.

Career improvement is never-ending… I will continue to strive to be the best attorney I can be.


7 Things You Need to Know about the Law Firm of David O Defense

7 Things You Need to Know about the Law Firm of David O Defense

1. The law firm of David O Defense is exclusively dedicated to DUI and criminal defense.

business manBy focusing on only DUI and criminal defense, the lawyers of David O Defense are able to continue to strengthen their knowledge on DUI and criminal defense law, they are aware of any new DUI or criminal law changes, and they personally get to know the prosecutors and judges that handle these types of cases, all of which contributes to better case resolutions.

2. The law firm of David O Defense is comprised of 3 powerhouse DUI and criminal defense attorneys.

1)  David O, senior attorney and owner of David O Defense, 2) Christopher Choe, associate DUI and criminal defense attorney, and 3) Anastasia Kidniz, associate DUI and criminal defense attorney. (Click on the attorneys names to learn more)

3. David O has been practicing DUI and criminal defense for over 12 years.

Attorney David O has dedicated his law firm and legal career to DUI and criminal defense because he loves helping people through tough times. He wants to get the right result for each client no matter how long it takes. He and his associate attorneys understand that providing excellent service requires; hard work, an attention to detail, and preparation.

4. Communication is a priority.

The lawyers of David O Defense make themselves readily available to their clients and are easily contacted by phone, text, and/or email.  They can be contacted day, night, and weekends.  If a client leaves a message they can expect their attorney will reply promptly.

5. The law firm of David O Defense is willing to take a case to trial if necessary.

fighting business manSome attorneys avoid going to trial at all costs because it means more work, time, and energy.  But the attorneys at David O Defense have no fear in taking a case to trial if it’s in the client’s best interests.  The DUI and criminal defense attorneys at David O Defense work hard and fight hard for each and every client!

6. Legal fees are reasonable flat fees, no hidden costs ever.

Here at David O Defense we are upfront about the cost of representation.  During a free legal consultation a client will be quoted a flat legal fee before any work begins.  No hidden costs or unexpected charges will ever be added to a client’s legal fee.

7. You won’t regret hiring David O Defense to represent your case.

The attorneys at David O Defense are not only knowledgeable about DUI and criminal defense but they are also caring and compassionate.  They work extremely hard to achieve the best case resolution possible for each and every client.  Take a moment and read a few of our Client Reviews to see what past clients have said about David O Defense.