With each case, I try to become an even better DUI and criminal defense attorney than I was before.  I reflected back on some cases and I wanted to summarize why those cases were significant to me, and how each case made me stronger as an attorney.

1.  I represented an elderly man who was charged with assault 2nd degree-domestic violence. The alleged victim was his wife of over 30+ years. This case was significant because it demonstrated how important it is to conduct a thorough investigation. The case involved interviewing several witnesses not identified in the police reports, specifically, all of client’s children. At the end of the investigation we discovered the alleged victim had been suffering from paranoia and delusions that were undiagnosed prior to our investigation.  The case was dismissed.

2.  I represented a young woman charged with DUI. This case was significant to me because it demonstrated how important it is to have effective client meetings to discuss their case and their objectives. I learned to not simply believe everything in the police report to be true and accurate but to get the client’s perspective on what happened on the night of the incident. In my opinion, to effectively represent a client there must be a meaningful meeting with the client to go over discovery and explore evidentiary and legal issues. This case ultimately went to jury trial because the prosecutor did not believe my client’s defense to DUI, specifically, that she drank alcohol after driving and before law enforcement initiated their investigation. The verdict was not guilty.

3.  I represented a young client charged with a VUCSA, specifically possession of heroin. This case was significant to me because it showed me the importance of building trust between me and my client and how it takes time to develop a relationship and how understanding will eventually grow into respect and a deeper trust. My client still battles with his addiction to heroin and has good days and unfortunately some bad. He is currently being held in custody and will undergo treatment when released. He is expecting his first child in a couple of months and really wants to get clean for himself and his son.

Career improvement is never-ending… I will continue to strive to be the best attorney I can be.