Jimmy Carrillo may be freaking out right about now due to his recent DUI arrest possibly destroying his career as a pilot.  Carrillo, has been removed from duty as a pilot with PSA Airlines, a subsidiary of American Airlines, while his DUI is under investigation, which could mean no flying and possibly no paycheck for Carrillo for many months.  It is not unusual for a DUI investigation and case to take months to resolve and some DUI cases can take a year or more to come to an end.

Carrillo, a North Carolina resident was in Naples, Florida when he was arrested for drunk driving.  According to police reports, on Monday morning around 2:11 am, Carrillo failed to stop his 2014 grey Buick rental car at a flashing red light.  He ran the light and cut in front of a deputy and another driver.  Police pulled the 35-year old over and questioned him on his whereabouts. Carrillo admitted he had just come from a local bar, Blue Martini, and while holding up four fingers he told the officers he had only consumed two drinks.  The pilot knew he was in the hot seat and tried talking his way out of the DUI by saying, “I have too much to lose,” and that he could call someone to pick him up immediately or take a cab.  He also reassured the local deputies that he, “wouldn’t fly an airplane for the next 12 hours.”  Carrillo’s BAC revealed a result was 0.095, he was arrested and charged with DUI.  Florida’s legal drinking limit is 0.08, the same as Washington State’s legal limit.

According to the Federal Aviation Regulation the use of alcohol and drugs by pilots is regulated by FAR 917.  Among other provisions, this regulation states that no person may operate or attempt to operate an aircraft: within 8 hours of having consumed alcohol, or while under the influence of alcohol, with a blood alcohol content of 0.04% or greater, or while using any drug that adversely affects safety.

Carrillo needs to hire a strong DUI defense lawyer, his career is depending on it.  Since Carrillo doesn’t live in Florida, he most likely doesn’t have a personal referral for a good DUI attorney and will have to find one on his own.  He would greatly benefit from reading our web page, “How to Pick a DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Know What Questions to Ask,” which provides information on to select the best DUI attorney for case representation.


Written by Sarah Ann