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Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch: DUI Case Dismissal Denied

This past Friday, Seattle Seahawk running back, Marshawn Terrell Lynch, was denied by California Judge, Yolanda Northridge, to dismiss his 2012 DUI charge.  Lynch’s DUI attorney also made a motion to suppress evidence during the same court appearance but Judge Northridge also declined the motion.

Marshawn Lynch, aka “Beast Mode”, has been fighting this DUI charge since the Summer of 2012.  He was pulled over by the California Sate Patrol early morning on July 14th for erratically driving in and out of lanes.  According to state patrol officers, Lynch was behind the wheel of a white Ford van and almost side-swiped two other cars while traveling on Interstate 808.  The state patrol officers suspected Lynch had been drinking and began investigating him for possible DUI (driving under the influence).

Allegedly, the power house football player failed the DUI sobriety tests.  He was arrested and taken to the Alameda County Sheriff Department’s North County Jail in Oakland where he submitted to a breath test, which of course came up positive and was over the legal limit of .08.  Official charges of DUI were filed against Lynch on July 18th and he and his DUI defense lawyer plead not guilty to those charges in August 2012.

Beast Mode has been fighting his DUI charge for over a year now and will continue to do so, since Judge Northridge denied his DUI dismissal.  As of now he has a jury trial date set for December 27th, just two days before the Seahawks final regular season game against the Rams on December 29th.  Lynch’s DUI lawyer plans on continuing the case into the new year so court dates won’t interfere with critical football games.

We will keep you updated on Marshawn Lynch’s DUI trial and case outcome.  We will also keep you posted on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s reactions to the case results.  If found guilty, Lynch may face harsh NFL punishments especially since he will be a repeat offender in the eyes of Goodell.  Over three years ago, Goodell suspended Lynch for three games due to a misdemeanor weapons conviction.  Since then, Marshawn Lynch has stayed out of trouble except for this 2012 DUI charge.

Good Luck Beast Mode with your DUI case, and Go Hawks!


Written by S.O

DUI Lawyer Says Amanda Bynes Is “Mentally Unfit” To Stand Trial For DUI

27-year-old actress, Amanda Bynes, was charged with a misdemeanor DUI back in April of 2012, when she scraped her black Mercedes along side a California patrol car.  In June of 2012, the “What a Girl Wants” film scarlet hired DUI attorney Rich Hutton and decided to plead not guilty.  Over a year later from the date of the arrest, Amanda’s DUI case was going to trial.  However, defense attorney Hutton showed up to court this past Tuesday, without Bynes by his side, to explain to the judge that Bynes could not undergo trial due to lack of the mental capacity to “understand the nature of the legal proceedings.”

Amanda Bynes has been under long-term care at a psychiatric ward since July of 2013 and is currently under a court ordered conservatorship, meaning she has an assigned guardian to assist and/or manage her daily activities and finances due to her mental limitations.  Allegedly Amanda’s mental diagnosis is complicated and may involve split personalities and/or schizophrenia.

During the DUI trial proceedings, the judge agreed with defense lawyer Hutton and decided to transfer Amanda’s DUI case to a mental health court where the new judge will conduct a hearing to determine Bynes’ mental competence.


Written by S.O

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