Rapper 50 Cent Strikes A Deal And Gets Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed!

Today was a good day for celebrity rapper 50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III.  Today in court, 50 Cent took a deal offered by the Los Angeles Prosecutors Office to plead guilty to only one of the five criminal charges that were filed against him for a domestic dispute back in June 2013.  By doing so, 50 Cent avoided time in the slammer and the other four criminal charges were dismissed which included the misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

So what happened back in June?  Allegedly, the 38 year-old rapper, actor, and entrepeneur, lost control of his emotions while at his baby’s mama’s LA condo.  Daphie Joy, mother to 50 Cent’s second son, called LA police claiming 50 Cent kicked down a door, physically kick her, and caused damage by smashing and throwing items all over her house including chandeliers, a TV, a lamp, personal belongings, and then went crazy in her closet throwing things around.  His temper tantrum that day caused an estimated amount of $7100.00 worth of damage.

Fifty Cent was arrested and charged with four counts of misdemeanor vandalism and one count of misdemeanor domestic violence.  He plead not guilt to all charges during his first court appearance but the judge still imposed a no contact order against 50 Cent stating he must stay at least 100 yards away from Daphie Joy at all times.  The judge also ordered Fifty to turn in all of his guns to authorities.

As of today, the “Get Rich or Die Tryin” rapper plead guilty to only one misdemeanor vandalism charge and was sentenced to three years of probation, 30 hours of community service, required counseling sessions, and repayment of $7100.00 to his baby’s mama Daphie Joy.


Written by S.O