Florida High School Teacher Arrested for DUI While on Her Way to Work

On Monday morning 56 year-old Nancy Vaughn was arrested for DUI while en route to Estero High School where she works as an Intensive Reading teacher.  Just before 7am police received calls that a red car was driving erratically and was swerving between lanes.  Police caught up with the red car and noted the same reckless driving as had been reported by callers.

The police pulled Vaughn over and immediately suspected drunk driving due to the odor of alcohol, her inability to keep her balance while standing, and her blood-shot water eyes.  Vaughn opted to take the DUI field sobriety tests and failed.  She was arrested and taken to the local police station where she submitted a breathalyzer sample that revealed BAC levels of .258 and .273, three times over the legal limit.

With discovery of Vaughn’s recent DUI arrest the school district reassigned Vaughn to a position outside of the High School while they continue to investigate the incident.

When asked about Vaughn as a teacher, students said they had never observed her acting unusual or drunk in the classroom, they said she was nice but strict and had tons of school spirit.

Student’s opinions and feelings about their teacher’s arrest seemed to be split.  One former student sided with Vaughn saying, “I mean everybody makes mistakes.  I guess this is hers.  But what she needs is our help, not our criticism.”

An Estero senior had an opposing view,  “[She] needs to learn from her mistakes.  She did it before this is the second time.”  Vaughn had been arrest for DUI in the same county less than a year ago.

With this being Vaughn’s second DUI arrest she is facing tougher penalties such as increased jail time, increased fines, and a longer driver’s license suspension.  She will also have to undergo longer alcohol treatment.  It is in Vaughn’s best interest to hire an experienced DUI defense lawyer to help navigate through this new DUI charge and possibly a probation violation that will arise from her prior DUI.


Written by Sarah Ann