Fighting For Client’s Rights – No Fear in Taking Criminal and DUI Cases To Trial if Necessary

Our mission statement at David O Defense is “Fighting for Rights, Providing Peace of Mind, & Serving the Community.”  We don’t take our stance in “Fighting for Rights” lightly, it describes our commitment to defend our clients to the fullest to achieve the best possible case resolution – even if that means putting on our legal boxing gloves to fight for our client by taking their case to trial.

David O Defense isn't afraid to put on the boxing glovesA major attribute that separates David O Defense from other law firms, is that the lawyers at David O Defense are not afraid to take a case to trial.   If it’s in the client’s best interest to go to trial our attorneys will be prepared.

One may assume, “don’t all lawyers take criminal and DUI cases to trial, isn’t that just part of their job?”  The answer is NO, many attorneys don’t want to take a case to trial.  Reasons a defense attorney doesn’t want to take a case to trial may include; the attorney doesn’t want to work that hard, they don’t really care about their client or their client’s future, they don’t want to spend the time and energy necessary to properly prepare for a trial, they aren’t a good trial attorney,  they don’t want to look foolish in front of their client or judge or jury, they don’t believe in the client, and finally the attorney may not believe they can win the case so they don’t even try.  Thus, unfortunately, to avoid going to trial these attorneys convince their client to plead guilty to the original charge or convince their client to take a bad plea deal even when it’s not in the clients best interest.

Here at David O Defense, it is all about our client’s best interests and achieving the best possible case resolution.  Our criminal and DUI defense lawyers are committed to each and every client, and are willing to put in the hours necessary to properly prepare for trial.  Our attorneys are confident in their trial skills and enjoy the challenge of presenting a proper defense.  Our attorneys know we can’t always win every case but that does not stop us from preparing and having that intention for our clients.  We don’t prepare to lose for our clients we prepare to win.