Justin Beiber – a Crime Victim in Tacoma, WA

TMZ buzzed about recent crime victim tweets sent by teen music icon Justin Beiber.  While performing Tuesday in Tacoma, Washington at the Tacoma Dome, Justin claimed his personal laptop computer and camera went missing, stolen!  J.B. didn’t file a police report and therefore the Tacoma police won’t conduct an investigation on the theft.

TMZ is suspecting this theft of personal property may lead to more juicy Justin gossip being leaked out into the media.  The Seattle PI reported Justin’s crime victim tweets to include, “Really sucks,” and “People should respect other’s property.”

My weather forecast is; sun and youthful good times will continue for Justin, very slight chance of his music tour returning to Tacoma, and escalating chances of Beiber pics being released into the media by unknown sources.

Written by S.O