Looking For A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney?  Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Reviews!

I received an email the other day from a company that solicits business with the subject line of “Your company deserves positive reviews.  We make it happen.”  Immediately, I was infuriated knowing other DUI and criminal defense attorneys would utilize this company to post FAKE REVIEWS on their websites, reviews that are essentially LIES about how great the lawyer was and how the client would undoubtedly recommend this lawyer to their friends and family.

Any attorney that pays a company for reviews is obviously not the attorney that their paid reviews are talking about… if they were so fantastic and got every criminal case dismissed (as described in their fake reviews) than that attorney would not need to pay for reviews, clients would be flocking to their computers to happily write reviews.

Don’t think this happens, here is more of that email I received, “Your company deserves some positive reviews.  Why?  Because it is currently one of the most effective ways to make your service found by more people.  92% of consumers do online research before selecting a service business.”  This company suggests ordering 100 lies or more, “Ordering any package with 100 or more reviews will get you 50% extra reviews in the first month.”  It happens more often than you may think.

Thus, if you are searching for a DUI attorney or a criminal defense attorney, please look at their reviews and BEWARE, ask yourself; 1) How many reviews does the defense attorney have, over 50, over 100? A red flag should immediately arise if an attorney has over 50 reviews in a short time span, these are most likely paid reviews. 2)  How do the reviews read?  Do they seem scripted, too perfect, and/or list too many great qualities about the defense lawyer?  If so, they are most likely paid reviews.  3) Or do the reviews appear to have been written by real clients, maybe revealing a grammar or spelling mistake here and there, perhaps the text displays a bit of personality or humor within it, and/or the review may list something personal within it portraying the client really did interact with the attorney.

Would you really want to hire a DUI defense attorney that had to purchase lies to make themselves look better?  Probably not.  If a defense lawyer is willing to lie about themselves and their business than they are likely to lie about other things and make false promises.

Here at David O Defense we only have REAL REVIEWS by REAL CLIENTS!  The attorneys at David O Defense work hard to maintain great reputations and provide suburb client service.  We pride ourselves on being truthful, honest, and upfront with clients.  Please see our REAL REVIEWS to see what our past clients have said about us!


Written by Sarah Ann