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Man With A History Of 6 Prior DUI Arrests… Is Arrested For DUI Again

Man With A History Of 6 Prior DUI Arrests… Is Arrested For DUI Again

Browsing through, I came across a news article published on September 24th, 2013, describing Brian Robert Gramento, a man recently arrested for drunk driving, totaling his DUI arrests to at least 7.  To make matters worse, the 32-year-old was driving drunk while he had his three young children in the back of his car, ages 4, 6, and 7.

This was not the first time, Gramanto was arrested for DUI while having his kids in the car.  Back in March of 2012, Brian Gramento was heading home with his kids in tow when he was pulled over in University Place.  According to Pierce County Sheriff’s reports, Gramanto “was wearing a drinking bracelet which shows he was carded at a drinking establishment like a bowling alley indicating he was old enough to drink.”  The report also indicated that all three kids in the back of his car were his kids and were the ages of 3, 4, and 5.

With Brian Gramento’s most recent DUI arrest, he and his kids were heading home from the Western Washington State Fair in Puyallup shortly before midnight.  Allegedly, Gramento failed to stop at a stop sign and then proceeded to crash into the side of police officer’s car.

Puyallup Police reported, “the strong odor of intoxicants coming from Gramento’s breath and person.” Gramento admitting to drinking at the fair and was arrested for DUI.  He was carted off to Pierce County jail where his bail was  set at $200,000.

Commander Scott Engle shared his arresting officer’s concerns, “The officer was concerned about the driver’s safety, but more importantly, the children’s safety.”

Brian Gramento has had an extensive history of alcohol related criminal offenses.  Since 1999, Gramento has been placed into county jail at least 15 times, of which 14 of those involved alcohol.  Other criminal charges he has racked up include felony DUI, reckless driving, and reckless endangerment.

In addition to this newest DUI charge, Gramento will likely face charges of failure to install an ignition interlock device and driving without a valid drivers license.  Both of which had been court ordered during his previous DUI sentencing, which he served 7 months jail time.

Personally I feel drivers like Brian Gramento are the really dangerous drunk drivers.  For some reason, they have slipped through the effectiveness of court ordered alcohol education classes.  They fail to comply with court ordered installation of ignition interlock devices and they disregard the fact they don’t have a valid driver’s license.  They continuously endanger themselves and others.  In Gramento’s situation, he has selfishly put his children’s lives at risk at least twice now by having them in the car while driving drunk.

It is obvious from repeat DUI offender cases such as Brian Gramento and Mark Mullins (see my blog Mark Mullins Pleads Guilty To DUI Fatalities for more info) to why Washington State legislature is working so diligently to amend and/or add new DUI laws to include harsher penalties and better treatment solutions.

Keep following David O Defense for updates and news on Washington State’s DUI laws.


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Washington State to Lower the Legal BAC Limit to .05 to Further Reduce DUI

Washington State to Lower the Legal BAC Limit to .05 to Further Reduce DUI

In efforts to reduce DUI (driving under the influence) and drunk driving related deaths, lawmakers, federal officials, and state officials have been working vigorously to find effective solutions.  Among recent recommendations, suggested by the National Transportation Safety Board, is for all states to lower the legal BAC (blood alcohol content) limit from .08 to .05.  This recommendation stems from the fact that more than 100 countries already have .05 as their legal BAC limit.   Europe, for example, has experienced significant drops in DUI related deaths, over a 50% reduction, since imposing the .05 limit about 10 years ago.

Just how low is a .05 BAC limit?  For a women weighing approximately 120 pounds, she will reach a .05 BAC after consuming 1 drink.  And for a man weighing around 160 pounds, he will reach .05 just after 2 drinks.

The National Transportation Safety Board realizes their recommendation will be met with much resistance, however as NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said, “Our goal is to get to zero deaths because each alcohol-impaired death is preventable… The tools exist.  What is needed is the will.”

The NTSB reported more than 4 million people a year in United States drive drunk, however only half of those drivers are ever stopped by law enforcement and investigated for DUI.