Ex-NFL Player Charged with “Extreme DUI”

The charge “Extreme DUI” sounds quite intense, and nobody knows this better than ex-NFL player, Braylon Edwards, who was arrested early in the morning on May 4th in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The former wide receiver allegedly was very under the influence of alcohol because according to police, his BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) level was more than .20, over twice the legal BAC limit of 0.08.  Having such a high BAC level earned him the charge “Extreme DUI.”

According to Arizona State law, an Extreme DUI is based upon the blood alcohol concentration level of the person accused; specifically, if the person has a BAC level above .15 but less than .20 then they will be charged with Extreme DUI under §28-1382 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.  Wait there is more… if an individual has a BAC level of .20 or greater than they will be charged with “Super Extreme DUI,” and with a Super Extreme DUI comes even harsher penalties and longer jail time.

It’s unclear why Braylon Edwards is only being charged with Extreme DUI and not Super Extreme DUI, since his BAC level over .20.  Perhaps he just got lucky!  Now Braylon Edwards needs to focus on hiring a good, reputable DUI lawyer to help fight his Extreme DUI charge.

Here in Washington State, Extreme DUI and Super Extreme DUI charges do not exist, an individual is simply charged with DUI no matter how high their BAC results.  However, penalties increase for individuals that are charged with DUI and have a BAC level of .15 or above.

Here is a comparison of penalties for first DUI charge within 7 years for Washington State – a BAC result less than .15 vs a BAC result more than .15 or a BAC test refusal.

BAC result less than .15  (1st offense)

  • 1-364 days in jail or 15 days of EHM (Electric Home Monitoring),
  • $941-$5,000 fine,
  • ignition interlock device for 1 year, and 90 day license suspension.

BAC result more than .15 or BAC test refusal (1st offense)

  • 2-364 days in jail or 30 days of EHM,
  • $1,196-$5,000 fine,
  • ignition interlock device for 1 year, and license revocation for 1 year if BAC result was more than .15 or license revocation for 2 years if BAC was refused.

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