A few days ago, Delvin Choice, a former singer on “The Voice” was pulled over by State Troopers and was charged with DUI, driving under the influence, of alcohol and/or drugs.  The arrest happened last Sunday in South Carolina around 2am in the morning.  The smooth R&B vocalist, who made it to the top 12 on season 6 of The “Voice” was hauled into jail and booked with DUI.  Later the 25-year-old singer was released after posting bail to the tune of $1229.50.

According to police this was Delvin’s first DUI offense.

Choice’s father, a Baptist Pastor, eloquently defended his son by telling the media, “We all make mistakes in life.  We learn from our mistakes.”  A simple yet powerful statement, and hopefully Delvin will learn from his mistake so he won’t face any future DUI charges.  But in the meantime, it would be in Delvin’s best interest to hire an experienced DUI attorney to help navigate through his current DUI charge.  Delvin would benefit from reading How To Pick A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Know What Questions To Ask to help ensure he hires the best lawyer for his DUI case.