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Q & A for Washington State New Marijuana Laws

Q & A for Washington State New Marijuana Laws

Ran across an article on that listed some frequently asked questions regarding Initiative 502, legalization of marijuana in Washington State.  I thought it was worth posting; here are the questions and answers I found to be useful and informative.

1.  What does this mean to me?

It means adults 21 and older can possess up to 1 ounce of the drug; 16 ounces of a solid marijuana-infused product (such as brownies or baked goods); or 72 ounces of infused liquid (such as oil for personal use only).

2.  So it’s legal to carry around that amount?

Yes, but I-502 says it “is unlawful to open a package containing marijuana … in view of the general public.”

3.  Is it legal to smoke marijuana in a public place?

According to Seattle police, while it will be legal to smoke marijuana in one’s home, smoking it in public could result in a ticket, but not an arrest, much like having an open container of alcohol in a public place.  Users outside of Seattle should inquire about laws specific to their city.

4.  Does I-502 affect current medical marijuana laws?

No.  Medical marijuana laws in Washington remain the same.

5.  I’m not a medical marijuana patient.  Where can I legally buy pot or pot-infused goods?

Currently, nowhere.  The Washington State Liquor Control Board is working to develop guidelines for the sale and distribution of marijuana and has until Dec. 1, 2013, to finalize those rules.  In the meantime, production and sale of non-medical marijuana remains illegal.

6.  Can I grow or sell marijuana?

Not at this time, though in the future licenses may be available under laws specified by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

7.  What about driving after smoking marijuana?

Initiative 502 establishes a standard blood test for driving under the influence.  If an officer believes you’re driving under the influence (DUI) of anything, including marijuana, they will conduct a field sobriety test and may consult with a drug recognition expert.  A blood test may follow.

8.  After it’s legal to buy marijuana, how much will it cost?

That has yet to be determined, but marijuana sales will be subjected to a 40% tax.  State financial experts estimate it could raise nearly $2 billion in tax revenue over the next five years.

9.  How will the tax money be used?

The money is earmarked for education, health care, substance abuse prevention and basic government services.

The complete list of questions can be found at under the post “Legal marijuana: Questions answered.”


Justin Bieber a Menace in Calabasas – Reckless Driving, Smoking Marijuana, Assault

Justin Bieber a Menace in Calabasas – Reckless Driving, Smoking Marijuana, Assault

As of recent, pop icon, Justin Bieber, has become a terror in his Calabasas California neighborhood.   Police are becoming all too familiar with the singer as they have been called to investigate accusations of reckless driving, smoking marijuana on public sidewalks, and assault on a neighbor.

Back in March, Justin Bieber was confronted by one of his prestigious neighbors, Jeff Schwarts an auto mogul, for his ongoing reckless driving and driving at speeds around 100 mph down Calabasas streets.  In response, Justin allegedly assaulted Jeff by spitting on him and threatening to kill him.  Jeff’s wife, Suzie Schwartz shared her Bieber disgust with reporters, “He’s a punk.  He thinks he’s invincible.”  Police have finished their investigation and now it’s on the LA county District Attorney’s office to file assault charges.

During this past holiday weekend, JB managed to piss off former NFL superstar neighbor Keyshawn Johnson by reckless driving throughout their gated community in his Ferrari.  Keyshawn, who was driving a Prius, reportedly followed Justin to his home and blocked the Ferrari in the driveway with his fuel-efficient car.  Keyshawn got out of his car to confront Beibs about his dangerous reckless driving, but Bieber ran scared into his home and wouldn’t come out. Other witnesses observed the same erratic driving and verified Justin was the driver and it appeared he was high on marijuana. Keyshawn Johnson is fired up, stating Justin is “playing with dynamite.”  Seriously concerned for his children’s safety, Keyshawn plans on working with law enforcement to end Bieber’s reckless driving and menacing ways.

Additionally over the weekend, neighbors supposedly saw Justin and a friend smoking marijuana while driving Segways side by side, right in front of neighborhood kids!

Community members are sick of Bieber’s juvenile behavior and banding together, irritated neighbor Eric Dickerson, NFL Hall of Famer, sent tweets of “Justin Bieber needs to slow his ass down.” The community plans on initiating new rules through the homeowner’s board to discourage Justin’s dangerous illegal ways.

Justin needs to grow up fast and slow way down to 25 mph!


Written by S.O

Rapper 2 Chainz Marijuana Case Update

Rapper 2 Chainz Marijuana Case Update

Rapper 2 Chainz hired the right criminal defense attorney to defend him against possession of marijuana allegations – because as of yesterday the drug charges have been dropped!  The Maryland State judge concluded there was not enough evidence to support the allegation the marijuana belonged solely to 2 Chainz.

Remember that arrest back in February, 2 Chainz gets busted by police for possession of marijuana and is arrested while the other 6 people in his van were allowed to leave.  Hmmm, 7 people in a van smelling like burnt marijuana and only one is arrested, which happened to be the driver 2 Chainz.  Not the best decision for Maryland police to only arrest 1 out of seven, but at least they got a photo op with the rapper while they were booking him at the station!  Check out my earlier blog “Rapper 2 Chainz Forced to take Pics with Cops after being Arrested for Marijuana” for all the arrest details.

High probability 2 Chainz is still tweeting “smh” (shaking my head), despite his marijuana case victory.


Written by S.O