Assault by Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay, she just can’t stay away from legal trouble.  This time reported Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched a women in the left side of the face at Club Avenue, a New York nightclub.  Lindsay was arrested Nov. 29th at 4 in the morning and charged with 3rd degree misdemeanor assault.  Lohan is pissed about the situation and believes the victim, a women named Tiffany Mitchell, is fabricating the accusation to get her to write a check.

Tiffany Mitchell has already hired big time attorney Gloria Allred to sue Lohan for damages.  Attorney to the stars, Gloria Allred may have a tougher case than she anticipates, photos of Mitchell leaving the club have leaked and don’t show any bruising or damage to the left side of her face.  Also, a photo released today doesn’t indicate assault to the face, on the contrary, Mitchell’s facial skin looks flawless.  Not a smart move by attorney and victim to have photos taken displaying a picture perfect face.

Lohan has hired a private investigator to dive into Mitchell’s criminal history and past lawsuits.  Lindsay is claiming she never laid a hand on Tiffany and the only contact they had in the club was a confrontation to get her purse back that Lohan thought Mitchell had taken.

Police detectives have confiscated the club’s surveillance tape to hopefully provide evidence to who is really telling the truth about the assault!

Bad news for Lindsay, this assault charge could be a probation violation on a prior case.  It’s the judges discretion to determine the penalty for the probation violation.  She could be fined, face jail time, be assigned to work crew, etc.


Written by S.O