“Ultimate Survivor Alaska” Star Flees From Hospital to Avoid Felony Theft and DUI Charges

Talk about survival skills…  After being crushed in a serious car accident Ultimate Survivor Alaska star, Tyler Johnson somehow convinced hospital staff to quickly write-up discharge papers so he could flee the hospital and escape from cops and the criminal charges of theft and DUI.

According to police reports, a few weeks ago Johnson had been drinking alcohol in Anchorage Alaska  when he decided to steal a car.  He took it on a drunken joy ride and then lost control, causing the car to flip.  Johnson wasn’t wearing his seatbelt and he was thrown through the front windshield.  Later he was found pinned under the car and was rushed to the nearest hospital.  Knowing that he had broken the law, Johnson went into survival mode… he must have been ignoring his serious bodily injuries while trying to convince the hospital staff he was fine, healthy, and ready to leave.  No average person would try to leave a hospital after being catapulted out a windshield and pinned under a car.  Johnson obviously was not your average person, because the extreme survivalist was granted the discharge and he was out before the police could grab him.

While on Ultimate Survival Alaska a reality show produced by National Geographic, Tyler Johnson was part of the Mountaineers Team and was said to have, “pioneered new ski descents and new ice climbing routes in Alaska.”  He is, “an expert in, among other things, ice climbing, ski mountaineering, and civil engineering.”

It could be very possible that Johnson is now surviving somewhere high in the Alaska Mountains, still hiding from the law.  If caught by police, Tyler Johnson would likely be facing charges of felony theft, DUI, and eluding law enforcement.

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Written by Sarah Ann