Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Case

Just got arrested the night before and now looking for an attorney on the internet.  I google “Criminal defense attorney Seattle” or “DUI attorney Seattle” and a long list of  lawyer websites are presented in front of me.

So how does someone choose a criminal defense attorney?  In my opinion, with all the convenience the internet has done for us consumers it has also created a very difficult task when searching for a good criminal defense attorney.  It’s one thing to find a good Seattle restaurant to eat at for the night but a completely different task when searching for someone to help you out when dealing with, probably, one of the worst life circumstances one could face.  The internet has created for attorneys a “perception of competency” based on how well their respective websites look or, more importantly, the order in which they are listed on the first page of a google search.

Not all criminal defense attorneys are created equal.  Remember who you hire as your criminal defense attorney will act as your representative.  This attorney will be handling your case that determines your reputation and liberty interests.  This case may have very little impact on your future if handled well or, in the alternative, may cause long lasting negative consequences. I would recommend after reviewing the attorney’s website go check out other sites to review client and peer reviews on sites such as or  And most importantly, go visit with the attorney in person and ask them what type of experience they have in representing those accused of a particular offense such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI/ Drunk Driving).


Published by Washington State defense attorney David O