Choosing A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Checklist

Choosing the right defense attorney to represent your DUI or criminal case is of utmost importance for your case’s outcome.  Here is a checklist to help you hire a great lawyer to defend your case.

Choosing A DUI | Criminal Defense Attorney – Checklist

√  Does the attorney practice criminal defense or DUI defense exclusively?

  • If so, how long have they practiced criminal and DUI law?

√  Does the attorney have any Washington State Bar complaints filed against them?

√  Does the attorney appear professional?

  • Are they well-groomed and dressed in professional attire?
  • Is their office clean and organized?
  • Does their law firm appear to be doing well?
  • Is the law firm accredited by the Better Business Bureau – Rated A?

√  Is the attorney able to articulate the law and communicate clearly?

  • If so, will he/she be a strong negotiator?

√  Were you able to contact the lawyer easily?

  • Does the attorney communicate by text, email, and/or phone in a timely manner?

√  Did the lawyer quote legal fees over the phone without getting to know you or the facts of your case?

√  Do low fees indicate a “dump truck” lawyer – a lawyer who quickly collects money and then makes you plead guilty?

√  Did the defense attorney promise case results over the phone without investigating the facts of your case?

√  Does the DUI and/or criminal defense attorney have real client reviews or testimony listed on valid websites such as Avvo, Google, or Yelp?

  • Be cautious of  attorneys that have a lot of reviews or reviews that sound too good – they are most likely fabricated!

√  Does the law firm offer affordable payment plans?

√  Lastly and most importantly, do you feel comfortable with the attorney, do you think they will be a good fit?

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Written by Senior DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney, David O