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Seattle Police DUI Squad

Seattle Police DUI Squad

Here are some interesting facts about the Seattle police “DUI squad.”

1)  While enforcing traffic laws, DUI squad officers have authority to further investigate individuals for DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

2)  DUI squad police may be called to the scene of a car collision to specifically investigate drivers for DUI.

3)  Patrol officers who have stopped an individual suspect of DUI, call DUI squad officers to assist with the investigation of alcohol and/or drug impairment.

4)  Seattle DUI squad officers work late evening hours to early morning hours 7:30PM to  4:30 AM.  The DUI squad police are also required to be on call 24/7 to respond to any situation requiring their DUI expertise.

5)  DUI squad officers appear in court frequently to provide testimony on DUI arrests. DUI charge is the most litigated misdemeanor crime in Washington State.

6)  Most DUI squad officers undergo two weeks of extensive education and certification to become DRE’s (Drug Recognition Experts).  DRE’s have the ability to determine if an individual is under the influence of drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol.

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Seattle Football Phenom Seferian-Jenkins Charged with DUI

Seattle Football Phenom Seferian-Jenkins Charged with DUI

Upsetting news for University of Washington football fans as they learn star player Austin Seferian-Jenkins has been suspended due to a DUI investigation over the weekend.  As of now the suspension restricts the Husky tight end from practices, games, and any contact with teammates until the DUI investigation is complete.  Once charges have been filed against Seferian-Jenkins the suspension will be re-evaluated.

UW football coach Steve Sarkisian released statements concerning the DUI arrest, “He will be disciplined internally in accordance with team and departmental policies.  We will continue to support Austin throughout this process, while holding  him accountable and responsible for his actions.”

Saturday night around 11:30 PM, Seattle police found Seferian-Jenkins’ car crashed in a ditch along Ravenna Boulevard, not far from UW’s sororities and fraternities, popular party location for college students.   Austin smelled of alcohol and suffered bloody injuries to his face (consistent with injuries acquired when hitting your head into a car windshield) giving Seattle police reason to arrest him with DUI and take him to the hospital for a blood test.  It is common practice for police in Washington State to take a person involved in a car accident that is under suspicion for DUI to the hospital for blood analysis to get an accurate BAC (blood alcohol content) reading.

Fellow Dawg football fans and all others, continue to follow my blog for updates on charges filed against Seferian-Jenkins.

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