Svetlana Dreyfuss Fails to Escape – Cops and DUI / Hit-And-Run Charge

Svetlana Dreyfuss, wife of famous actor Richard Dreyfuss, tried to escape DUI trouble by fleeing the scene of her crime only to get caught 2 miles later.

Allegedly Svetlana was driving under the influence of alcohol on June 2nd in Encinitas, CA when she drove her car through a wooden fence and broke a high pressure water line.  Svetelana then tried to escape the damaged she caused and drove away from the scene.  San Diego Sheriff deputies caught up with her two miles down the road.

The deputies questioned Svetlana about her evening activities and she admitted to drinking one glass of wine before getting behind the wheel.  She took the field sobriety tests, which she told TMZ that she believes she passed, and obviously failed because she was arrested and charged with DUI and hit-and-run.  Here is a news flash to anyone who opts to take the field sobriety tests… YOU WILL ALWAYS FAIL, the tests are difficult and confusing to sober individuals and even more so for someone who is under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.  Additionally, law enforcement officers usually embellish and exaggerate field test results so the alleged individual under DUI investigation appears even more intoxicated.

It is in Svetlana’s best interest to hire a reputable DUI criminal defense lawyer, she is facing two serious charges.  Hopefully she will do her due diligence and do some online research and visit multiple defense attorneys in person to find the best fit, a lawyer she will feel comfortable with.  Prior to online research, Mrs. Dreyfuss should take a look at our post “Looking For A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney?  Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Reviews!” to give herself a heads up on DUI attorneys possibly posting false client reviews on their website, she doesn’t want to be scammed.  Also, Svetlana should read “Choosing A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Checklist” to be prepared to ask the right questions and look for certain legal attributes before she goes to any DUI defense attorney consultations.


Written By Sarah Ann