NFL Player John Abraham Found Asleep at the Wheel – Charged With DUI

Around four in the afternoon on June 29th, NFL linebacker John Abraham was charged with DUI after Georgia police officers startled him by waking him up from his midday cat nap.

Allegedly, Abraham had been drinking at the Pink Pony gentlemen’s club and decided to head out around four.  Shortly after, police found the Arizona Cardinal stopped in the middle of the road  sound asleep at the wheel.  Police say they pounded on the windows and doors of the car but it took several minutes for the big defensive player to wake up – police reports described Abraham as 6’4” tall, weighing approximately 225 pounds.

Once he woke up from his afternoon siesta, Abraham told cops he had come from the Pink Pony strip club and that he only had two drinks while there.  The officers immediately suspected 36 year-old of DUI, noting the smell of alcohol on his breath and his inability to communicate clearly, “He appeared confused and rambled while speaking.”

After failing multiple DUI field sobriety tests, John Abraham was arrested and charged with DUI and improper stopping in the roadway.

Abraham is no stranger to being arrested, in fact this was Abraham’s third run in with the law while playing for the NFL.  Back in 2003, he was arrested for DUI after plowing into a fire hydrant and ramming into a light pole.  He plead guilty to the DUI in order to avoid possible jail time.   In 2012, Abraham was charged with two counts of misdemeanor obstruction for failing to exit an area that had been taped off by police.

As of recent, the pro football player has missed the first three days of Cardinal training camp, which some speculate may be related to the June DUI charge.  Spokesmen for the Cardinals say they are aware of the DUI arrest but decline any further comments.

If Abraham is found guilty of the DUI charge he may face jail time, fines, alcohol treatment classes, and suspension of his driver’s license.  Additionally, the NFL will enforce some type of punishment such as fines and/or game suspensions.


Written by Sarah Ann