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5 Great Reasons to Hire a DUI Defense Attorney to Fight Your DUI Charge

5 Great Reasons to Hire a DUI Defense Attorney to Fight Your DUI Charge

Why choose a private DUI defense attorney?  Here are five great reasons to hire a DUI lawyer.

1.  Washington State DUI laws and penalties change frequently, a DUI defense lawyer will keep up to date with these changes to better serve client interests.

2.  A DUI attorney is dedicated to defending clients charged with DUI.

3.  A DUI defense lawyer is more capable of discovering legal issues and developing those issues to better defend their client’s case.

4.  During DUI negotiations, an experienced DUI attorney will present a stronger case to prosecutors which in turn results in better case resolutions.

5.  A DUI defense attorney works closely with reliable resources such as treatment agencies and ignition interlock companies to make the DUI process easier and less stressful for clients.

David O Defense is here to help those charged with a DUI.  All of our attorneys have proven track records of defending our clients rights and getting the best results.



Know Your DUI Rights!

Know Your DUI Rights!


When questioned by law enforcement in Washington State about DUI make sure to exercise your rights.

1.  Exercise your right to an attorney, either a private DUI attorney or a public defender.

2.  Exercise your right to remain silent during the DUI questioning.

3.  Do not consent to detention or search of any type of personal belongings, home, or vehicle.

4.  Refuse to perform the DUI field sobriety tests.

5.  Refuse to take the DUI portable breath test.

6.  Do cooperate at the police station and take the DUI breath test or blood test, unless advised not to do so by your DUI attorney.


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