Lamar Odom Faces Alcohol and Drug DUI Charge

Lamar Odom’s life seems to spiraling out of control due to drug addictions and now he’s added a DUI charge to the chaos.

The 6’10” NBA star and husband to Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, has recently been headlining celebrity news with his concealed two year addiction to crack cocaine.  His marriage to Khloe has taken a toll and now possibly his NBA career may be ending.  With all the negative media attention, the L.A. Clippers decided not to resign Odom for another season despite his successful performance on the court last year.  Now to make matters worse, Lamar was pulled over early friday morning by California State Patrol and was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

According the police officers, Odom was driving in a “serpentine manner” (too slow) on the 101 Freeway.  When officers approached Lamar’s Mercedes SUV, they smelled heavy odors of alcohol on Odom’s breath and observed behaviors consistent with heavy drug use.  Lamar failed multiple DUI field sobriety tests and refused to take any DUI breath tests.  The NBA player was arrested, taken to jail, and charged with DUI.

Because Lamar  refused the DUI breath test machine at the police station, his CA driver’s license was automatically suspended for one year.  Lamar has already been spotted by paparazzi ducking down in the back of a taxi cab, most likely heading home after spending a few hours in jail.

Lamar’s life is a little messy right now, hopefully he will get his situation cleaned up and straightened out.  For starters he should hire a solid DUI criminal defense attorney to contest his DUI charge.


Written by S.O