24 Year-Old Man Crashes Into A Moving Train While DUI

Unbelievable but true. On April 12  a man was arrested for DUI in Oregon for driving his vehicle into a train!  Allegedly a young man by the name of Kyle Randall, drove his car into a moving train around 5am.  The vehicle got caught up on the train and dragged 300 feet down the track, catching fire from all the friction.

Randall some how managed to escape safely from his car, without any major injuries.  But instead of calling for help, Randall decided to get familiar with the local neighborhood, knocking on doors to see if anyone would let him in so he could take a nap.  True story!  Unlucky for Randall no one allowed him to take a nap on their couch…..surprising.  Instead, one of the neighbors called the local police and reported him.

When law enforcement approached the area, they could see a large mushroom cloud of smoke in the distance, later discovering it was Randall’s car. Kyle Randall was arrested for DUI and was taken to the Marion County jail.  His BAC (blood alcohol content) was twice the DUI legal limit.  Oregon and Washington share the same DUI legal limit of .08 BAC.

At first glance, this case may look like major poo-poo for Randall.  However, an experienced DUI attorney will be able to look beyond the train wreck and explore all the legal issues.  Good news for Randall there are a lot of issues with this case.  Hopefully Randall has hired a great DUI attorney that will take the time necessary to develop and present them.

Written by DUI Attorney David O

Co-Written by Sarah Ann