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DUI Attorney Checklist – Choose the Best DUI Attorney for Your Case

DUI Attorney Checklist – Choose the Best DUI Attorney for Your Case

Choosing a DUI attorney to help with your DUI case can be an overwhelming task.  DUI attorney ads are everywhere and they all claim they are the greatest attorney in town.  So how does a person begin to try to find a good attorney, one that is the best fit for them and their case?  Follow these simple steps and use our DUI Attorney Checklist to make your decision easier.

Step 1: Start by reading client reviews.  These client reviews may be listed on the lawyer’s website or on other reputable review websites such as and  Reading client reviews will give you a general impression of the attorney’s character, compassion level, and work ethic. However, be forewarned that not all client reviews are real!  Some attorneys have paid companies to write fake reviews to make themselves and their law firm to appear better than what they really are.  If client reviews sound too good to be true, than they generally are too good to be true. Reviews that lack personality or fail to make some type of personal connection with the attorney are most likely fake as well.

Now, after reading through some client reviews, hopefully it would have helped narrow your search of attorneys that could potentially meet your legal needs.

Step 2:  Call to schedule an in person meeting and legal consultation with the attorneys.  If possible, meet with at least 2-3 attorneys in person so you can get a good idea of who is the best fit for you and your case.  It is very important you choose an attorney that you feel comfortable with and confident in their ability to look out for your best interest.

Most DUI and criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations at their offices to talk about your case and answer questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the best and most qualified lawyers will welcome your questions.

Step 3:  Bring the DUI Attorney Checklist to each of your legal consultations.  It is up to you if you would like to fill it out during the meeting or after, but it will be handy to have at the meeting so you can ask all the appropriate questions.


DUI Attorney Checklist CheckmarkDUI Attorney Checklist


  The law firm only practices DUI and criminal defense.


  The lawyer you are speaking with has represented many individuals that have faced DUI charges.


  They will take your DUI case to trial if necessary and have ample DUI trial experience.


  You feel that the attorney listens well and they have answered all your questions with ease and clarity.


  The attorney speaks clearly and they tell you about your legal options in a manner that you can understand.


  The law firm appears well-organized and the lawyers are dressed professionally and present themselves well.


  The law firm was easy to contact by phone or email and they replied in a timely manner.


  The attorney did not quote a legal fee over the phone or make promises about your case prior to meeting in person.


  The attorney clearly explained the cost of representation.


  You felt confident in the attorney’s professional abilities.


  You felt respected by the attorney.


  You felt comfortable talking with the attorney.


Which ever attorney receives the most check marks from this checklist is most likely the best fit for you and your DUI case.  Call David O Defense today 206-459-6392, to schedule a free legal consultation if you are facing a DUI charge.  Don’t forget to bring your DUI Attorney Checklist, to make choosing a DUI attorney easier!



“The Voice” Contestant Charged With DUI

“The Voice” Contestant Charged With DUI

A few days ago, Delvin Choice, a former singer on “The Voice” was pulled over by State Troopers and was charged with DUI, driving under the influence, of alcohol and/or drugs.  The arrest happened last Sunday in South Carolina around 2am in the morning.  The smooth R&B vocalist, who made it to the top 12 on season 6 of The “Voice” was hauled into jail and booked with DUI.  Later the 25-year-old singer was released after posting bail to the tune of $1229.50.

According to police this was Delvin’s first DUI offense.

Choice’s father, a Baptist Pastor, eloquently defended his son by telling the media, “We all make mistakes in life.  We learn from our mistakes.”  A simple yet powerful statement, and hopefully Delvin will learn from his mistake so he won’t face any future DUI charges.  But in the meantime, it would be in Delvin’s best interest to hire an experienced DUI attorney to help navigate through his current DUI charge.  Delvin would benefit from reading How To Pick A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Know What Questions To Ask to help ensure he hires the best lawyer for his DUI case.

Choosing A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Checklist

Choosing A DUI or Criminal Defense Attorney – Checklist

Choosing the right defense attorney to represent your DUI or criminal case is of utmost importance for your case’s outcome.  Here is a checklist to help you hire a great lawyer to defend your case.

Choosing A DUI | Criminal Defense Attorney – Checklist

√  Does the attorney practice criminal defense or DUI defense exclusively?

  • If so, how long have they practiced criminal and DUI law?

√  Does the attorney have any Washington State Bar complaints filed against them?

√  Does the attorney appear professional?

  • Are they well-groomed and dressed in professional attire?
  • Is their office clean and organized?
  • Does their law firm appear to be doing well?
  • Is the law firm accredited by the Better Business Bureau – Rated A?

√  Is the attorney able to articulate the law and communicate clearly?

  • If so, will he/she be a strong negotiator?

√  Were you able to contact the lawyer easily?

  • Does the attorney communicate by text, email, and/or phone in a timely manner?

√  Did the lawyer quote legal fees over the phone without getting to know you or the facts of your case?

√  Do low fees indicate a “dump truck” lawyer – a lawyer who quickly collects money and then makes you plead guilty?

√  Did the defense attorney promise case results over the phone without investigating the facts of your case?

√  Does the DUI and/or criminal defense attorney have real client reviews or testimony listed on valid websites such as Avvo, Google, or Yelp?

  • Be cautious of  attorneys that have a lot of reviews or reviews that sound too good – they are most likely fabricated!

√  Does the law firm offer affordable payment plans?

√  Lastly and most importantly, do you feel comfortable with the attorney, do you think they will be a good fit?

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Written by Senior DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney, David O