Not Just Any Old Lawyer Will Do ~ Hire a Reputable DUI Lawyer

Are you looking to hire a lawyer to defend your DUI charge?  Make sure to do a little research before choosing a criminal defense attorney, not just any old lawyer will do.  You’ll want to hire a reputable DUI lawyer!

Sure, any old lawyer could show up to court and move your case through the judicial system, but that’s not enough, especially when you consider the possible consequences of being convicted of a DUI; suspended driver’s license, jail time, fines, and more.  Choosing to hire a reputable DUI lawyer will give your case the best fighting chance to get optimal results.

Check out these 4 Reasons you should hire a reputable DUI lawyer over any old lawyer!

  1. A DUI attorney is well-practiced in defending clients charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs.  Attorneys that practice other types of law will not have as strong of a skill set in the practice of DUI defense law.  For example; if you needed to see a doctor because of heart pain, you would be best served seeing a doctor that specializes in the heart such as a cardiologist rather than seeing a primary care doctor who would have less knowledge about the heart.  The same is true with law; if you need help with a DUI you would be best served with a reputable DUI criminal defense attorney rather than an attorney that practices multiple types of law.
  2. During DUI negotiations, an experienced DUI attorney is more capable of discovering legal issues and developing those issues to present to the prosecutors.  A stronger case presented to the prosecutors = better case resolution.
  3. Washington State DUI laws and penalties change frequently, a reputable DUI lawyer will be up to date on those changes and can use those changes to better serve their clients.
  4. And lastly, a DUI criminal defense attorney works closely with reliable resources such as treatment agencies and ignition interlock companies to make the DUI process easier and less stressful for clients.

So take a little time and do some research before hiring the first attorney that comes to mind or is at the top of your Google or Bing search.  Check out some websites, read some attorney reviews, and meet up with a few DUI lawyers in person.  You will get a much better idea of how that reputable DUI lawyer will handle your case and you’ll feel much more confident as your case moves through the judicial system.