Gibson Gets a DUI for Not Listening to LA Police!

Actor Thomas Gibson arrested for DUI this morning for disobeying the LAPD.

The “Criminal Minds” and “Dharma and Greg” actor, Thomas Gibson, was driving home at 1 am when he stopped for road blocks set up for a Los Angelas half marathon.  Police officials told Gibson that he could not proceed forward and must take an alternate route home.  Gibson ingnored the police and drove into the marathon route.

Idiot!  Rule number 1: follow law enforcements resonable requests, especially if you are possibly DUI!

Lucky for Thomas Gibson he didn’t endanger any of the marathon participants as they had already run  that portion of the road.  However, unlucky for Gibson, whom placed a huge target on his own back for disregarding the law, was pulled over by officers.  The police reported they could smell alcohol on his breath and charged him with DUI.  Gibson did do one thing right that night, he used his legal rights to refuse to take the DUI portable breath test. reported Gibson’s bail had been set at $15,000 and that he was still in police custody.

Lesson learned… listen to the police and avoid DUI charges.


Written by S.O

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