Sportscaster, Al Michaels, Charged With DUI

Legendary sports broadcaster, Al Michaels, has been charged with misdemeanor DUI stemming from his DUI arrest in California on April 19th.

Santa Monica officers reported Michaels made a U-turn in front of their DUI sobriety check point around 10PM.  Hmmm, seems like someone knew they had a little too much to drink!  Officers pulled Michaels over and immediately detected an odor of alcohol on his breath.  They continued their DUI investigation and had him perform the DUI field sobriety tests, of which he failed.  Al Michaels was arrested for DUI and taken to jail.

Good news for the voice of “Sunday Night Football”, his DUI breathalyzer test reveled a .08 and .09 blood alcohol level, right at the legal limit.  Additionally, Michaels doesn’t have any criminal history, thus, if Michaels hires a good DUI criminal defense attorney he has good fighting chances of avoiding jail time and getting his DUI charge reduced to a lesser charge.


Written by S.O