Use common sense when going to court!  It’s never a good idea to show up to court drunk or while under the influence of drugs, especially when you are required to be in court for a DUI or any type of alcohol or drug related charge.  Unfortunately, some individuals are so stressed, they make the horrible mistake of attending court drunk or high, hoping the alcohol or drugs will calm their nerves while they are in front of the judge.

Just recently, in Grand Island, New York, a 44-year-old man drunkenly stood before a judge where he was convicted of a DUI charge that he acquired on Dec. 29th by crashing his car into the Niagara River and was later rescued by firefighters.

Apparently, after being found guilty of the DUI charge, the intoxicated man was allowed to leave the court but had been warned by the court not to drive.

Failing to follow orders not to drive drunk, the man walked out of court, got into his car and proceeded to leave the parking lot.  Shortly there after, deputies pulled the man over and arrested him for drunk driving.  The man was hauled into jail and was charged with felony DUI.

NEVER a good idea to show up to court drunk!

judge and policeThe man was very lucky to even have the opportunity to go home, because here in Washington State, most judges would have immediately thrown him into jail for violating his  “Standard Conditions of Release.”

Washington State judges require anyone charged with DUI to adhere to the Standard Conditions of Release while their DUI case is ongoing.  The Standard Conditions of Release generally include the following conditions:

  • No consumption of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs (including marijuana).
  • Do not drive without a valid license and insurance.
  • Abide by the law (no new criminal law violations).
  • No refusal of breath, blood or urine test upon reasonable request of law enforcement.
  • Attend all court hearings.
  • Notify the court of any address changes.

Here at David O Defense we understand that court can be very stressful, however drinking alcohol or smoking some marijuana to calm nerves will only make an individual’s situation worse. The judge will most likely throw that person into jail where they will likely stay until they post a large bail amount or until their DUI case resolves.

Just remember: It’s NEVER a good idea to show up to court under the influence of drugs and or alcohol!