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3 Kids + 2 Cows + 1 DUI Equals Major Trouble for a Nevada Women

3 Kids + 2 Cows + 1 DUI Equals Major Trouble for a Nevada Women

Twenty nine year-old, Tori Dawn McKinnley, of Nevada made some major mistakes on July 16th.  According to Mohave County sheriff’s reports, Tori had been heavily under the influence of alcohol when she ran her pickup truck into two cows and continued on to the local convenience store.

At approximately 10:25 pm officers approached the pickup truck at the convenience store and noticed front end damage.  They discovered Tori’s three children in the back seat of the pickup, ages 6, 7, and 9.  After making sure the kids were ok, the officers questioned the kids about their mother and the truck.  The children told the officers that their mother had hit two cows while driving on Stockton Hill Road.  Seconds later, Tori came out of the convenience store and pointed at the front of her pickup and said, “cows.”

Officer’s immediately suspected McKinnley of DUI, driving under the influence.  She smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking two beers.  After failing the DUI field sobriety tests, the mother of three was arrested and taken to jail where her breathalyzer test results revealed a BAC level of 0.243, over three times Arizona’s legal limit of 0.08.  Obviously, Tori had a bit more to drink than 2 beers.

McKinnley’s kids were taken to a local hospital due to one of the kids complaining of leg pains.  They all checked out fine and were released to a relative.

Tori was thrown into Mohave County jail and charged with three counts of felony aggravated DUI, for having three passengers under the age of 15 in her vehicle while DUI, and one felony aggravated DUI for driving on a suspended driver’s license.  Tori had her license suspend in 2013 when she received a DUI out of Nevada.  Tori is facing some serious chargers and will definitely need to hire a reputable DUI lawyer to help fight her case.

As for the cows, no mention was made, but there is a high likelihood that Tori will be responsible to reimburse the owner for any veterinary expenses or losses that occurred.

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Written by Sarah Ann


Yolanda Foster’s Daughter Busted for DUI

Yolanda Foster’s Daughter Busted for DUI

Seventeen year old, Bella Hadid, got herself in a bit of L.A. trouble by receiving a DUI charge early Tuesday morning.  Allegedly, Bella was driving on Pacific Coast Highway around 4 am when she blew through a stop sign and almost rear ended a L.A. Counties Sheriff’s patrol car.   Reeking of alcohol, officers suspected the young lady was DUI.  The aspiring model’s DUI breathalyzer results revealed a BAC level of .14, nearly twice the California legal DUI limit of .08.  To make matters worse, Bella was driving on a suspended drivers license.  She was arrested for DUI and was hauled off to jail.

Luckily, Bella’s parents came to her rescue.  Reality TV star , Yolanda Foster, came to her daughter’s aid and bailed her out of jail.  Former Dutch supermodel, Yolanda, is well-known for being one of the elite ladies on the hit show Beverly Hills Real Housewives.  Sources also report that Grammy winner, David Foster, step dad to Bella, was also at the police station with his wife Yolanda.

In Washington, a minor DUI is considered a simple misdemeanor, similar to a negligent driving 1st degree.  However,  for a minor to be charged with a minor DUI the breath test or blood test results must be within a range of .02 to .07.  If a minor had a breath test or blood draw above a .07 then the minor would be charged as an adult.

Based on Bella’s BAC results she will be charged as an adult for DUI.  If California is similar to Washington, she could face up to a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $5000 fine.  Don’t forget the license suspension.  In Washington, for a first time DUI offender with a breath test result under a .15 the license suspension would be for 90 days.  The driver would be eligible to drive during the suspension period if they decided to apply for an ignition interlock license.  To get this, the driver obviously would need to get an ignition interlock device installed.

Since, Bella’s license was already suspended her suspension period could last longer than 90 days depending on why her license was suspended in the first place.  In Washington, if she was eligible to reinstate her license but just forgot to then it would be considered a Driving While License Suspended in the 3rd degree.  If she was not eligible to reinstate her license she could be charged with driving while license suspended in the 2nd degree.  In this case, her license will be suspended for an additional year, consecutive to any other suspension she is dealing with.

Good luck Bella, the next step now is to hire a reputable DUI lawyer to fight your case!


Written by DUI defense attorney, David O

Co-Written by Sarah Ann