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Defense Attorney Saves Lindsay Lohan Despite Being Fired

Defense Attorney Saves Lindsay Lohan Despite Being Fired

Lindsay Lohan must have been out of her mind for firing her long standing criminal defense attorney, Shawn Holley, on January 14th, just 1 day prior to her next court appearance! Known for unruly behavior and compulsive decision making, Lohan, hired a New York defense lawyer, Mark Heller, who is also defending her on the Manhattan night club assault case (see my earlier blog Assault by Lindsay Lohan) to replace attorney Shawn Holley.  Soon after the “Liz and Dic” actress signed Shawn Holley’s termination papers, she knew she made a mistake, freaked out and wanted Holley back on her case!

Lucky for Lindsay, super hero attorney Holley came to her rescue one last time to plead not guilty for her to three misdemeanor counts she racked up when she drove her Porche into a dump truck on the Santa Monica Highway.  According to, Lohan’s misdemeanor charges include, willfully obstructing the accident probe, reckless driving, and lying to police officers.  Rumors have surfaced Holley showed up to court in spite of knowing she was kicked to the curb, to collect on her outstanding legal fees of $300,000, of which Lohan hadn’t paid for six months.

After finding a California attorney to sponsor him, lawyer Mark Heller, is now serving as Lindsay’s legal representation.  Their next court date has been scheduled for January 30th for a pretrial hearing.

If found guilty of the misdemeanor charges and probation violation, Lindsay could be facing some serious time in jail, which equates to only a week or two for an A-List celebrity.   I’ll keep you posted on more Lohan legal drama, it never ends!


Written by S.O

Defense Attorney Pleads No Contest for Joe Simpson’s DUI

Defense Attorney Pleads No Contest for Joe Simpson’s DUI

November 2012, criminal defense attorney to the stars, Shawn Holley, formally entered Joe Simpson into a no contest plea for his DUI charge he received months prior in August.  Around 10 in the evening, Joe Simpson, father of singing scarletts Jessica Simpson and Ashley Simpson, was arrested on Ventura Boulevard in L.A. for DUI (driving under the influence).  Papa Simpson reported he drank  just a few glasses of wine during dinner with his wife, however, Joe’s DUI breathalyzer test revealed a .13 BAC which is well above  California’s legal limit of .08.  He was arrested, charged with DUI, and was taken to the slammer.

Did criminal defense attorney, Shawn Holley, who has represented many A-listers like Lindsey Lohan, fight for Joe Simpson’s rights and get the best case resolution for his DUI?  Entering a no contest plead is essentially pleading guilty, which stinks for Joe who paid big bucks for his DUI lawyer!   Most likely defense attorney Holley did her best.  With DUI cases criminal defense attorneys look for evidentiary issues, examine police reports and police protocol, and try to discover defenses.  Pleading no contest was most likely Joe’s best option, he was truly DUI.

Simpson was sentenced to three years of probation, a fine of $390 dollars, and ordered to complete a three-month DUI alcohol education program.  Hopefully, Grandpa Simpson has learned his lesson and will stay home and help watch grandkids.  Congrats to Jessica Simpson who just announced she is preggers with baby number 2!


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