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David O Defense is rated an A+ by the BBB

David O Defense is rated an A+ by the BBB

Here at David O Defense, we work hard to maintain our great reputation as an honest, hard-working law firm. Along with honesty and hard work, we are compassionate and truly care about our clients. We are proud to announce that we have been recognized for our work and integrity by the Better Business Bureau. They have rated our business an A+, the best rating possible.

David O Defense PLLC BBB Business Review

For over 100 years the BBB has been helping consumers identify trustworthy businesses. The BBB sets stringent standards and monitor businesses for ethical practices and rates businesses according to their compliance to the high standards.

According to the BBB, “ratings represent the BBB’s opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers. The BBB rating is based on information BBB is able to obtain about the business, including complaints received from the public. BBB seeks and uses information directly from businesses and from public data sources.”

The BBB rating scale ranges from A+ (highest) to an F (lowest). Some businesses are not rated, which is indicated by an NR which stands for “No Rating” because there is insufficient information on the business.

During the rating process, the BBB considers these factors; 1) the business complaint history with the BBB, 2) the type of business and it’s compliance with the law and marketplace, 3) the length of time the business has been operating, 4) transparent business practices, 5) failure to honor commitments to the BBB, 6) compliance with government competency licensing, and lastly, 7) truthfulness and accuracy in business advertising.

David O Defense is honored to be recognized by the BBB for our continuous efforts to be an outstanding business with integrity. We work hard and it shows!

Here is what some of our clients say about our law firm’s work ethic;

“… He (David) respects his clients and is very easy to talk to. He will work hard on your case. Highly recommended!” – Chinh L.

“…They (David O Defense attorneys) have worked with me every step and never gave up, and didn’t let me either. He definitely helped me believe I could make it through this…” – Amanda N.

“…My case not only concluded successfully in my favor, but I also benefited by acquiring great advice and a new found relationship with a trustworthy and competent team of defense lawyers…” – Philip N.

Thank you to all that have taken the time to recognize our business, we truly appreciate it!! We look forward to continuing to work hard and help clients!


Serving The Community – The DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyers of David O Defense Attend the 2015 KABA Banquet

The DUI and criminal defense lawyers of David O Defense are happy to announce that they had a great evening last night attending the KABA, Korean American Board Association, 2015 Annual Banquet.  Senior defense lawyer, David O, was honored to contribute his charisma and humor by mastering the ceremonies for the annual dinner and fundraising event.


The law firm of David O Defense has been involved in KABA since 2004, believing in the priority and duty to give back to the local community.  KABA is a great association to be actively involved with  –  “The mission of the Korean American Bar Association of Washington (KABA) is to provide professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities to its members and serve the community as a resource by hosting professional, educational, and community events. KABA is committed to leadership, community, and service.”  In addition to attending fundraising events, the attorneys at David O Defense have volunteered their time at the KABA pro bono clinics where they offer three half-hour counseling sessions to pro bono clients residing in King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties.

During last nights dinner, law students worked diligently to sell five dollar raffle tickets in order to raise money for next years 2016 scholarship awards.  Raffle prizes included gift cards, bottles of champagne, and a round trip ticket to Korea. Unfortunately, the DUI and criminal defense lawyers of David O Defense were a bit unlucky and did not win any prizes but they were more than happy to contribute money to next years scholarship funds.

One of the many highlights of the banquet was the awarding of the 2015 scholarship checks to the deserving law students.  Each year KABA raises funds to give to laws student who have demonstrated a commitment to serving their local community as well as the Korean American community. Two students were chosen this year to receive a scholarship check to apply to their law school tuition.

Another highlight of the evening was listening to inspirational words of keynote speaker, Edward Jung.  Mr. Jung spoke about his passion for making the earth a better place by means of bringing great thinkers from around the world together to create new inventions.  Mr. Jung, founder of Intellectual Ventures, currently holds more than 700 patents worldwide and has over 1,000 patents pending.  His inventions are in the areas of biomedicine, energy, material sciences, computing, and networking.  Directly after Mr. Jung’s speech, MC, attorney David O, walked up to the podium with napkin in hand and threw it up in the air above his head and said what everyone in the room was thinking about Mr. Jung’s presentation, “Wow, now that was mind-blowing!”

The dinner was a successful event and KABA is just one of the areas of community service David O Defense is honored to part of.  The DUI and criminal defense lawyers of David O Defense will continue to serve the community through a variety of different avenues, believing that every small act they contribute beyond themselves will have a positive impact on someone else.