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Over 100 DUI and Criminal Defense Legal Blogs

Over 100 DUI and Criminal Defense Legal Blogs

Here at David O Defense we are proud to announce that we have reached a new literary landmark by writing over 100 legal blogs!  In celebration of authoring so many literary DUI and criminal defense masterpieces we would like to revisit an oldie but goodie blog, “Know Your DUI Rights”.

Recognize this blog?  We hope you do, because the information in it is valuable and should be put into practice if ever needed.  It’s said repetition is one of the best techniques to anchor information into long-term memory, therefore we believe “Know Your DUI Rights” is worth repeating over and over.

Know Your DUI Rights


When questioned by law enforcement in Washington State about DUI make sure to exercise your rights.

1. Exercise your right to an attorney, either a private DUI attorney or a public defender.

2. Exercise your right to remain silent during the DUI questioning.

3. Do not consent to detention or search of any type of personal belongings, home, or vehicle.

4. Refuse to perform the DUI field sobriety tests!

5. Refuse to take the DUI portable breath test!

6. Do cooperate at the police station and take the DUI breath test or blood test, unless advised not to do so by your DUI attorney.


A special thank you to all those who have followed our blog, we hope you have found some of our writings informative and others entertaining!  We look forward to writing the next 100!


Written by DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney, David O

Co-Written by Sarah Ann

DUI Follow Up – Lamar Odom Pleads “No Contest”

DUI Follow Up – Lamar Odom Pleads “No Contest”

Apparently, L.A. prosecutors and judges are “Lammy” fans because they gave the 6’10” pro basketball player a decent deal for his DUI (driving under the influence) charge he acquired back in August.  The deal – Lamar Odom  plead “no contest”, aka “guilty”, to the DUI charge today in court and in return he was sentenced to 3 years of probation, required completion of a three-month alcohol education class, and ordered to pay $1,800.00 in court costs and penalties.  “Nolo contendere” is a legal term that comes from the Latin for “I do not wish to contend.” It is also referred to as a plea of of no contest. In criminal trials in certain U.S. jurisdictions, it is a plea where the defendant neither admits nor disputes a charge, serving as an alternative to a pleading of guilty.  A no-contest plea, while not technically a guilty plea, has the same immediate effect as a guilty plea, and is often offered as a part of a plea bargain.

What does this mean for 34-year-old Lamar?  For starters, Lamar will have a DUI on his criminal record.   No vacations to Canada for Lamar!  FYI – Canada does not allow individuals convicted of a DUI into their country for 10 years.  Secondly, Lamar will have to keep his hands clean for three long years while on probation.  If Lamar is convicted of any new criminal charge  or caught consuming any amount of alcohol while on probation, Lammy will be in violation of his probation and will have enhanced criminal punishments.   Thirdly, Odom must complete the three-month alcohol education class by June 9th 2014.  These classes take up time and money, but Lamar has plenty of both, so completing this class shouldn’t be an issue, maybe he will even learn something while there.  If he fails to complete the class by June 9th, Lamar will have to return to court for violating court orders.  And lastly, Lamar will need to pay $1,800.00 to the court system for fees and penalties which is pocket change to the millionaire pro athlete, who unlike most athletes saved the majority of his millions.

How is this a deal for Odom?  By taking this deal, Lamar avoids having to go to trial.  Generally, when an individual decides to take their case to trial they are subjected to increased consequences if they are found guilty.   Preparation for trial can be lengthy and can continue a case for months, by taking the deal, the case is done and over.  Lamar also avoids any time behind bars.

Good luck Lammy, you have a long three-years ahead of you.  Your best chances to avoid probation violations are to stay out of the lime light, use your long legs to run from paparazzi, and no more drunk driving.

Want to know more about Lamar Odom’s August 2013 DUI arrest, read my previous blog, Lamar Odom Faces Alcohol and Drug DUI Charge.

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Written by S.O