Harsh DUI Penalty – Terrell Williams

Senior Arkansas Razorback lineman, Terrell Williams, is already paying a harsh consequence for a DUI charge he received early Sunday morning.  Razorback coach, John L. Smith, announced Williams had been suspended indefinitely from college football because of the DUI arrest and charge, without opportunity to prove his innocence.  HARSH!  Perhaps in the world of college athletics, you are guilty until proven innocent!

DUI consequences will continue for Terrell if he is found guilty, possible jail time, losing his license, and fines.  A career in the NFL may be lost if it was possible prior to the DUI, Williams did have seven tackles in Saturday nights game against Tulsa.  DUI’s are unpredictable creatures and can terribly affect one’s life, such as Terrell Williams story of indefinite suspension.


Written by S.O