What?  Adam “Pacman” Jones Arrested During DUI Stop, But He Wasn’t The Driver?

Rule #1; Be respectful to the officer!  Nobody has gotten out of a legal situation by being disrespectful to law enforcement, on the contrary, it only makes matters worse.  During a recent DUI investigation, NFL pro player Adam Jones, aka Pacman, didn’t follow David O Defense’s Rule #1 and mouthed off to police officers which resulted in his arrest.  Crazy enough, the Cincinnati Bengles star cornerback wasn’t the individual originally in trouble that day.

Early Monday morning Ohio State Patrol pulled over the car in which Jones was a passenger.  The patrol officers suspected the driver, a women, to be DUI (driving under the influence) and asked her to perform field sobriety tests.  During the women’s DUI investigation, Jones began talking smack to the officers.  The officers didn’t appreciate the disrespectful words of Pacman and cuffed him.

Both Adam Jones and his gal pal were arrested and taken to jail.  The woman was charged with DUI and Jones was charged with disorderly conduct.  They were released later that day.

Don’t forget Rule #1 when under investigation for DUI or any other legal matter; Be respectful to the officer.


Written by S.O