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Juvenile Record Sealing: Give Your Child a Second Chance at a Bright Future

Juvenile Record Sealing: Give Your Child a Second Chance at a Bright Future

If your child has been arrested as a juvenile with a crime and has gone through a juvenile adjudication, anyone who is interested can find out. The public can access this juvenile criminal record via the internet, the Washington State Patrol, or the courthouse. The easy public access to your child’s criminal record will affect his or her future in many drastic ways.

First, he or she may not be able to pursue his or her desired career because many employers conduct criminal background checks. If your child wants to work with children or hold a job that allows unsupervised access to children, a criminal record will definitely stand in the way. Moreover, federal law bars certain types of felons from working in specific fields, like the generic drug industry or airport security.

Second, private and public housing landlords are allowed to request criminal background checks. As a result, your child may have a difficult time finding a place to live.

Third, a felony juvenile adjudication may disqualify your child from serving in the military, because, among other things, a juvenile criminal record prevents a person from possessing a firearm. There are also other areas of life that are negatively impacted by juvenile criminal records, like college acceptance and obtaining various tax benefits.

Luckily, there is a process that an attorney can help you with that will hide your child’s criminal record from the public. This multi-step process is called “record sealing.” Your child’s juvenile record can be sealed if he or she (1) does not owe any court-ordered fines, (2) has no criminal charges pending, and (3) has either been crime free for 2 years for anything lower than a Class A felony or 5 years for a class A felony.

Speak with a defense attorney from David O Defense to see if your child is eligible for juvenile record sealing. We also recommend that you meet with us to determine the proper procedure for record sealing based on the conviction and to help you get through every step of the process correctly. Give your child a fresh start by sealing his or her criminal record. If this issue applies to you or your child, please call 206-459-6392 for a consultation.


Written by Anastasia Kidniz


Farrah Abraham “Teen Mom” Reality Star, Charged with DUI for Being Sick?

Farrah Abraham “Teen Mom” Reality Star, Charged with DUI for Being Sick?

MTV’s “Teen Mom” reality star, Farrah Abraham, age 21, was arrested and charged with DUI (driving under the influence) last Monday at 1 in the morning.  When police asked Farrah to perform the DUI breathalyzer test, she failed repeatedly until one test finally read .147, almost twice the legal DUI limit in Nebraska.  Days later, Farrah spoke out to InTouch defending herself, ““Because I’m sick, I could not give an accurate breathalyzer test, due to coughing and shortage of breath.”

Farrah, mother of 4-year-old Sophia, who had been celebrating St. Patty’s Day with her sisters by sipping on some good ol drinks, wanted to go home around 12:30 AM.  Her sisters didn’t want to leave, so Farrah decided to go get the car from the parking lot and pick them up at the front door.  According to officials, Farrah made an uncontrolled wide turn and almost rear ended a police cruiser.  Police pulled Farrah over and asked her to take the DUI breath test and to perform the DUI field sobriety tests, both of which Farrah failed.

Farrah is adamant that she was not DUI that evening.  She continues to believe in magical shamrocks and leprechauns and that she failed the DUI breath test due to illness and flu-like symptoms.

Farrah’s “Because I”m sick..,” defense is not reasonable.  Medication could have a slight effect on the DUI breathalyzer’s reading but nothing to the extent of a high reading such as .147.  Farrah was most likely DUI, end of story!


Written By S.O

Bobby Brown is Sentenced to 55 Days in Jail for DUI #2.

Bobby Brown is Sentenced to 55 Days in Jail for DUI #2.

Follow up report.  Bobby Brown is going to spend some time in the slammer for his latest charge of DUI that occurred in October 2012 (check out my blog “Snaps!  Bobby Brown’s 2nd DUI This Year” for the DUI arrest details).

Earlier today, retired singing sensation Bobby Brown, pled no contest to the DUI and driving on a license suspended charges.  The judge sentenced him to 55 days in jail, 4 years of probation, and completion of an 18 month DUI and alcohol treatment program.   Brown was also ordered to attend 3 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting per week until he starts his jail time, which must begin by March 20th.

This is Bobby Brown’s third DUI in his lifetime.  The first DUI occurred in 1996, followed by his second and third DUI in 2012.

Here in Washington State, if a person is guilty of a second DUI within seven years, they would be facing a jail sentence ranging from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 364 days behind bars.   They would also need to invest in a good pair of sneakers or a bus pass because they would lose their driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years and up to a max of 2 1/2 years.  Lets not forget fines ranging from $1196.00 to $5000.00 and electric home monitoring post jail time for at least 60 days.


Written by S.O